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Why Go For AR/VR Development?

The internet is the same for everyone around the world. However, the experience every user has is very distinct and unique. Businesses across the globe strive to deliver this unique experience to their users and stand out from the crowd. While this was tedious sometime ago, it’s becoming increasingly simple now.

Thanks to two of the most underrated technologies - Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), companies can now transport their users to new locations, environments and visuals and offer them the most interactive and engaging experiences they would remember for a long time.

So, if you’re looking to achieve this for your business, you need the most experienced AR VR development company by your side. This is where we come in. With our expertise in AR VR development services, we bring the future of interaction today to your visitors.

Futuristic AR VR Application Development Services We Offer


Sensor-driven AR VR Apps

Want to roll out creative and functional apps that work in tandem with device sensors? We develop applications that offer the most impeccable results.


Facial And Gesture Recognition Driven Apps

From security features to fun filters like those you would find on Instagram and Snapchat, you can get in touch with us to get anything developed.

AR VR Development With

AR VR Development With IoT

Automation is the key to arriving as a pioneer tomorrow. Combine the two most functional technologies to get more things done with our expertise.


Location-driven AR VR Apps

For those of you owning a local business, let people in your store’s vicinity know about your brand and engage with it through creative AR VR development.

AR VR App Development Consultation

AR VR App Development Consultation

Confused on how to go about developing the right AR VR solutions for your business? Talk to us for the wisest guidance.

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Why Gtech Is Your Most Preferred AR VR App Development Company

AR VR app development is complex and full of intricate factors. From conceptualizing to ensuring security flaws are patched and removed,
tons of tricky factors come into play in AR VR development. That’s why one needs to join hands with an AR VR development company that has been in the domain for years.

We, at Gtech, understand the intricacies of AR VR app development. Our team of developers, designers and more have extensively worked with some of the most popular AR VR solutions in the market today. So, you can be sure your project is in the safest hands. Besides this, we also offer the following benefits.

Agile Development Methodology

Agile Development Methodology

We are transparent in our operations and deploy modern development methodologies to ensure consistent delivery and updates of web development solutions. That’s why we are on time in terms of delivery every single time regardless of the time to market.

A Guided Process

A Guided Process

You are never left in the dark with us. At any given point of time, you know what’s happening with your project, at what stage your website is, how it’s functioning and more. With this, we ensure you don’t have to get in touch with our customer support.

Post Launch Services

Post Launch Services And Assistance

Our collaboration doesn’t end with your website or product launch. We ensure consistent engagement with you through post launch services such as updates, patches, upgrades and more.

Data Confidentiality

Data Confidentiality

All your details are safe with us and bound by confidentiality clauses and NDAs. If we’re working with sensitive data, we implement data protection protocols and adhere to global standards.

A Glimpse Of Collaboration: How We Work

To become one of the best website development companies is not easy. To maintain our standards and deliver
services and experiences the way we intend to, we deploy a systematic collaboration process of 7 steps.

Ideation And Discussion

We begin by discussing your project ideas and understanding your requirements and scope of project.

Research And Define

Once we receive your inputs and expectations, we commence our work on charting a roadmap for your project that is completely unique.

Initial Design

Once approved, the work on developing wireframes and UI begins from our side. We keep you on the loop for all updates.


When you approve the wireframe, we kicstart the full-fledged web development process. Our developers love this phase.

Testing And Optimization

Once we develop your solution, we consistently test it for performance, compatibility, scalability and more and validate UI and experiences. We consistently optimize it for the best performance.

Live And Deployment

When you wave the green flag after your internal validations, we help launch your website or solution and take it live in the market.

Post Launch
Post Launch Services

We constantly keep an eye out for your solution’s performance and user feedback and roll out appropriate patches and upgrades.

Industries We Serve

Web development is not restricted to one particular industry. Functional and seamless websites and solutions are in demand in every other market segment and industry. That’s why our portfolio boasts of projects across verticals like:


1. How much does VR application development cost?

Both AR and VR applications can have varying costs depending on a lot of factors including graphical processing, details, locomotion, interaction, and more. Our lead project manager would be able to guide you through your AR VR development and help you get the best deal for it as well.

2. How long does it take to develop a VR game?

3. Which programming language is used for VR AR development?


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