5 Industries That Benefit From iOS App Development

5 Industries That Benefit From iOS App Development

Apple’s years of hard work on innovation, perseverance to exclusivity and concurrent rise of fast internet and smart devices resulted in them having a cult-like following and a user base that most of its competitors envy. The tech giant has always focused on loyalty over quantity. As a result of that, despite selling fewer devices and despite having less than half the number of users compared to their peers, Apple continues to generate higher revenues than any other company out there in the world of technology.

It is a very interesting case study as to how Apple garnished such a loyal and premium user base. It is perhaps a culmination of a lot of things but the biggest reason of them all is their continuous innovation with iOS and surrounding the hardware suited best to the software. Today, businesses stand at a point where they just need to apply the right strategy to leverage on the most premium layer of the consumer base.

Why iOS?

The iOS remains right at the center of attraction to most businesses. There are some fundamental reasons for this popularity. The iOS user base has grown so much over the years that in today’s times we have start-ups solely focusing on iOS users and offering services only to those using Apple products. Let us take a look at some key factors behind iOS’s ever rising popularity.

Category Leading Devices

Apple is known for taking its time to launch a device or a hardware feature. However once they do roll them out, they make sure that their technology is unmatched and way beyond anyone’s reach. iOS devices are the best in class in terms of their software support and hardware efficiency. Apple tops the tech supremacy for mobile devices, tablets, desktops & laptops, wearable devices, automobile interface & smart home devices. Because of this supremacy, users that want the best tech opt for iOS devices over anything else. 

Tech Savvy User Base

The core focus for any iOS device is on technology and how a software experience can change the way we use our devices. Because of this excessive focus on software design, they now have a user base that is very well versed with tech. Most of the core of Apple’s consumer base consists of both developers that are aware of the latest app development trends & people who are enthusiastic about new age technology and won’t mind paying a little premium to have the cutting edge tech at their disposal.

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Highest in-app Revenue Generation

Apple’s user base represents a certain demographic. Their user base mostly consists of resourceful and privileged people who want the best tech. The technical superiority of iOS devices come at an inexpensive price and most of Apple’s user base consists of people who can afford spending on that experience. Because of this demographic, despite not having the numbers in terms of total number of devices or users, iOS & its App Store still generate higher revenues than any of their competitors. This phenomenon is very lucrative for prospective businesses and thus they focus extensively on serving this particular demographic.  


One key element of Apple’s success is its core focus on security. They believe in having total control over whatever is being put into their devices. This is the reason why they chose to eliminate one of the biggest sources of threats on mobile devices – ads. Apple has its own ad server and does not allow apps to run ads from any other server. This ensures safety to the apps and keeps your data safe as well on your iOS devices. 

Now that we know some of the key reasons behind Apple’s success, let us take an overview at the top few industries that benefit the most from their success. 

How Custom iOS App Development Helps Businesses

Businesses try to make the most of the above mentioned advantages that iOS devices have by deploying finest intuitive apps. These apps are targeted toward leveraging on the buttery smooth user experience that iOS offers along with some class leading hardware features that the iOS devices have. Here are five such businesses who have taken their business to the next level through their apps.

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Online Food/Grocery Delivery

Contrary to popular belief, ordering food online was a very popular practice much before the pandemic struck us. However it is true that people used the services more during the lockdowns but even without the pandemic, this industry would have had a steady growth. 

Online food & grocery delivery apps offer a perfect solution to end hunger, mad cravings & checking the grocery list. The following features make these apps the go to solution for ordering food and grocery.

  • Order with just 3 steps.
  • Add your favorite dish or restaurant to favorites.
  • Track the meal preparation & delivery in real time.
  • AR enabled real time meal preview.


To nobody’s surprise, one of the biggest companies in the world today is an online shopping app. Nothing beats the comfort and convenience of looking at our favorite products, comparing its prices and checking out exciting offers sitting on our couch. iOS’s speed, fluidity and terrific display gives a unique shopping experience to the users through an eCommerce app. These features help you give the dream shopping experience to your consumers. 

  • AR/VR modules that help users visualize the product to its truest form.
  • Personalized suggestions help the app understand the user’s likes better and helps the app suggest products that might save a lot of time for the users and meet their needs.
  • Real time product packing and delivery tracking.
  • Quick checkout
  • Customized notifications


One of the most emerging sectors in the world, mobile healthcare is also a very noble way of ending many health problems around the world. Due to the reach of mobile internet, healthcare apps can really impact the world in a great way. The concept of telemedicine and mobile consulting has been aided by a great merit through the innovative apps on iOS. These following features help the healthcare sector to make the world a healthier place to live.

  • User log in & geographical location based search for their preferred doctors.
  • Book appointments for both virtual as well as in-person consulting sessions.
  • Support of instant messaging, voice & video calling.
  • Authentic ePrescription
  • Integrated HER module that helps patients share their healthcare information & history with the doctors.
  • Personalized reminders for various follow up activities like reminders for taking medicines & follow up visits.

Wearable Solutions

Wearables are the next big thing. After mobile phones and computers, tech companies now want to make all wearable devices and accessories digital. Connecting these devices to a central profile helps them offer innovative solutions and compatibility like never before. We hear stories about iOS enabled watch devices saving lives through its state of the art hardware and software that processes data and AI that understands all the anomalies within no time. Wearable devices like watches, headphones or earphones & glasses are now performing tasks beyond our collective imagination.

  • Tracking of vital wellness data like heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2 levels
  • SOS notifications sent directly to your doctors and close family members in case of any anomalies. 
  • Detailed information about routine activities like steps walked, calories burned, altitude gained etc.
  • Analytical information about routine exercises and other wellness activities.
  • Personalized and curated dietary suggestions based on your lifestyle and tracked activities.
  • Schedule appointments with your doctors.  


One of the biggest boons of technology and the internet is the ability to share knowledge and information. If used correctly, learning apps can really help tutors educate people and enable them with best skills. With the help of iOS apps for learning, you can offer affordable and convenient learning experiences to your users. Just like everything else around us, education too is embracing technology and your app can be the medium to share knowledge from the best tutors to the best students out there using the following features.

  • Interactive and innovative learning techniques and modules.
  • Personalized and curated suggestions for learning based on your profile information and interests.
  • Fun assessments to validate and track learning.
  • Analytical results for real-time insights into the progress.
  • High quality content in the form of videos, informatics, graphical illustrations, audio podcasts, etc for immersive learning. 
  • AI enabled personalized learning plan for users


If used wisely, technology can aid human life and make it better. With iOS devices being the flag bearers of technology and with the demographic of users they have, it is a desired place for lots of businesses to place their platforms through applications. Along with these businesses, some really noble sectors like education and healthcare can also benefit from the quality of technology and user base that Apple has. It is nearly impossible to imagine a sector that may not benefit from technology. If the right ideology, quality technology platform and robust development agencies join hands, they can come up with unimaginable powers that can help make the world a great place to live.

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