5 Reasons Why White Label Food Delivery Apps are Popular in 2022
5 Reasons Why White Label Food Delivery Apps are Popular in 2022

5 Reasons Why White Label Food Delivery Apps are Popular in 2022

Much before online retail flourished, there was a pioneer industry which delivered fresh goods. Well established delivery system helped a lot of giant food chains in creating new customers without them having to step out of their houses. The pandemic did have a significant impact on almost all sectors and food delivery is no exception as we saw a rather steep increase in food deliveries. But the story did not begin in the pandemic. Food delivery, especially white label food delivery, was a very successful phenomenon much before the pandemic.

Currently, the food delivery business is worth a whopping $150 billion and it is expected to rise to $320 billion by the end of this decade.

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The Internet is a synonym of convenience & speed. Fast internet and smartphones opened the floodgates of mobile applications. Food delivery was limited only to a certain kind of food that could survive in a box during the delivery time but with logistics now at its peak, many apps enlist major restaurants and their entire range of cuisines in their own app to offer an opportunity to the consumers to have their favorite food at their home with a few taps on the screen.

What exactly is A White Label Food Delivery App?

The concept of white label manufacturing is a very popular one. A company focuses on providing the services in an efficient manner by outsourcing the making of their products to a third-party. The makers produce the goods under a provided brand name and packaging and the brand itself focuses more on the marketing and the servicing aspect of the business.

This trend did not take long to get digital. Seamless and UberEats were indeed the pioneers in the industry that is now seeing a sea of platforms offering similar services. The concept of white label food delivery apps basically includes having your own platform in the form of an app along with a website on which the consumer can come and order their favorite dishes from their favorite restaurants. This platform could either be a premade set up with all major functionalities included or a bootstrapped one based on the needs of the client. Let us take a look at what exactly you need to have a strong food delivery ecosystem.

Things You Need To Have a Strong Food Delivery App

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  • Better Listing

Since most restaurants in your neighborhood or city would have already tied up with giants like DoorDash or UberEats, you would have to work very hard to convince the restaurants to get enlisted on your platform. An app that offers more restaurants and more cuisines will get better traffic for obvious reasons.

  • Smart Logistics

Having the right logistics partner is almost the lone key to this business. Since food is a fresh product, its timely delivery and transparent tracking will help you gain the trust from your consumers. Adding a pinch of technology and smartness like having economic electric vehicles and drones for deliveries is the way forward for new startups. 

  • Rewards

You will probably take on the best in the business once you enlist popular restaurants in your city for your food delivery app. To divert the consumers from the already established stream is going to be an uphill task. The most popular and proven method of acquiring new customers is by offering reward points or straight up cashback discounts. 

Key Reasons Why White Label Food Delivery Apps are Popular

We looked at how the phenomenon of food delivery was massively aided by technology and recent trends. Let us now take a deep look into why this trade excites many startups and why 2022 might be the perfect year for you to get into the mix. With America being the second largest generator of revenue in the online food delivery business at a whopping $22.4 billion, mobile app development services USA have seen an unmatched rise in business inquiries. Here are the top 5 reasons why white label food delivery apps are so popular at the moment.

  • Time Saving

The pre-made structure of the app includes all major functionalities that category leading apps consist. All you need to do is fill in your own data and branding and you are good to go. If you look at all the benchmark apps, you will find that most functionalities are common between them all. Having an app already made with these functions will help you start serving soon.

  • Customization

It makes total sense to add new features that add a little bit more than the staple app structure. Those who innovate stand clear of the herd. The benefit of getting your app made from a food apps development company is that you get to add any new function you like or delete the ones you no longer need.

  • Control over Data

Data is the most precious asset in today’s times. You can of course ride the bandwagon of hosting your services with your own branding on someone else’s infrastructure. However having your own infrastructure and total control over it gives you vital customer data which is one of the key benefits to hire dedicated mobile app developers. With this data, you can offer customized solutions and it helps you understand and define your marketing strategy better.

  • Reward Programs

Having your own platform and having the access of your user data gives you an edge over your rivals. With this data, you can use customized offerings and reward points which prove to be the defining factor. Giving smart reward points will increase the likelihood of repeat business and you will retain your customers with longer engagement. 

  • Social Media

Social media is an open sky where the possibilities are endless. With the help of ads on social media, you no longer rely solely on the restaurants to market themselves. You can create your own ad campaign and offer exciting ads with offers to your target audience on social media and drive organic traffic on your app. A study conducted by OnePoll suggests that over 85% of the people develop cravings straight after seeing a food related ad or post on their social media. This becomes a pivotal stream to drive customers to your platform.


You could feel you are a couple of years lagging behind the trend but the beauty of technology on the internet is that if you work twice as hard, you could make up for the years you lost. Consumers on food delivery apps rely on various aspects like user experience, custom offers, past experience and social reference. Ticking all these boxes is neither rocket science nor a cakewalk. All you need to stand a chance in the race is a right partnership and a thorough technical development and subsequent maintenance. Having a sound technology, redefined user experience and unique offerings can boost your food delivery business like you always imagined.

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