7 Reasons Why PHP is Best Choice for Web Development Project
7 Reasons Why PHP is Best Choice for Web Development Project

7 Reasons Why PHP is Best Choice for Web Development Project

Developed in 1995 by a Danish-Canadian gentleman called Rasmus Lerdorf, the Hypertext Preprocessor scripting language is still one of the most commonly used languages for budding web developers. Reliable framework and resourcefulness of PHP web development services even today remains a very attractive destination for the programming world. The 2 decade old language gives a very tough fight to young and dynamic languages like Python & Node and has maintained its stand in the top 5 most used programming languages in the world for quite some time now. 

Reasons why PHP is the best choice for web development

In this article, we are going to have a look at why the veteran has managed a stronghold among developers for any PHP web development company in USA or across the globe despite facing deadly competition from new age programming languages like python & node. It first started making some noise because of it being server based and the fact that the web browser held no baggage of the website made it an instantly popular platform. Built on C language, it had very easy compatibility to HTML as well.  But being versatile wasn’t its only virtue. The simplicity and leanness of the platform has achiever a remarkable reliability and trust from its users and still continues to do so. Among many, here are 7 top reasons why PHP is still the best choice for web developers. 


For people having a bird’s eye view on this technology, the first thing that will strike them is how versatile the language is. It was initially built to run web applications smoothly but due to its high adaptability, it became a go to platform for many services like Content Management System, E-commerce integration, Data Analytics, Image Processing and applications based on Graphics Interface Design. Derived from C language, with a structural syntax, it is considered as one of the easiest programming languages ever. Along with being compatible with HTML, It is an open source free to use platform that runs smoothly on all major operating systems and works buttery smooth with database management systems like MySQL, Apache, PostgreSQL etc.

Open Source

Unlike most licensed platforms out there, PHP is an open source platform that is free to use for anybody and everybody for their website design & development services. This allows wider customer base and everything else follows. One of the biggest reasons why programmers are still attracted to PHP is because of its zero licensing policy. The large number of use cases allows larger libraries, larger communities and wider support. 

Dynamic Structure

Unlike other complicated and long coding languages, PHP uses fewer codes with maximum dynamism. It uses HTML tags that eliminate any form of complicated order maintaining. Developers can write codes between the tags and hence they do not need to maintain any specific order to write functions or codes. 

PHP is very popular among new developers too as it is very easy to learn. It has some very sensible functionality like it allows reusing a similar code for a similar functionality which eliminates any need to rewrite complex and lengthy codes for similar functions. Due to its lean structure and non-complicated syntax, it is easy and fast to load websites made from PHP as the servers have to load fewer codes and less data. This is very helpful in case of slow internet connections across developing nations. 


PHP is as secure or as vulnerable as others. But what makes it distinct is its in-built tools and framework that allows programmers to build strong defense against possible threats. One of the biggest tools to fight against threats like SQL injection & data tampering has been PHP’s own Data Objects. This update enables the code to differentiate between data and query

The large community and support translates into data sharing and that is very essential in determining latest patterns of attack threats. PHP, despite being one of the oldest programming languages available today, keeps rolling regular security updates and encourages users to engage in discussions and data exchange to identify and eliminate threats. 

Resourceful Community & Support

Being in existence for over a couple of decades, there are tons of websites built on PHP and as mentioned earlier, even in the presence of dynamic modern programming languages, PHP continues to be among top 5 most used platforms for web based applications and that large community of developers help each other out in dying needs.  

Due to large usage, it has built in libraries of a wide range of function modules that are ready to use. New developers see this as a boon to their journey as they no longer have to develop and write codes for simple conventional functions. 

There is a huge community across all platforms on the internet of PHP developers and users. Although PHP’s official support library contains so much of information and support that you hardly need to go beyond that to solve any query you may encounter during your project. 

Cloud Compatibility 

Cloud compatibility is slowly becoming an added asset to a basic necessity. The ability to access anything from anywhere especially from the developer’s point of view is very essential in today’s time. The pandemic played its own part in placing the developers further apart but the challenge has now transformed into an opportunity. 

PHP’s security features, progressive web application development and easy coding structure make its performance on cloud computing at its very best. The customization allows companies to deploy and remove servers as and when needed. While these practices are very common today, the customization for cloud was enabled years ago by PHP. 

Smoother Project Lifecycle

Being a pioneer in a technology has its own merits and one of the biggest merits of PHP is that you do not have to find a specialist for your projects. Since it is widely adapted and used, finding a professional that works on PHP is relatively easy. You get dozens of developers who work on PHP and hence you get the additional benefit of matching your timelines. 

The story is pretty much the same for developers. The wider acceptance and popularity of PHP means that there will always be ample amount of projects on PHP and developers do not need to do any sort of specialization or do not need to find a suitable organization whose projects match their expertise. The large community support makes a project lifecycle very smooth and enables both developers and companies to meet aggressive timelines.

At the core of it is the ease of access and the simplicity of the language and that itself keeps attracting emerging developers towards PHP. The sheer size of its community and resourced support cannot be ignored and hence it still remains one of the most commonly used programming languages even in 2022. Some things age like fine wine and with continuous support and enhanced compatibility across platforms and as things appear, PHP is here to stay for years to come.

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