Art of CRM: Redefine Your Brand with Our Simple yet Powerful System
Art of CRM: Redefine Your Brand with Our Simple yet Powerful System

Art of CRM: Redefine Your Brand with Our Simple yet Powerful System

An unorganized database completely negates the concept of gathering precious data especially from your website. The concept of adapting to the digital route for your business is not merely to attract traffic and do innovative marketing. The idea is to use web technology to organize your data that helps you make informed decisions.

What is a CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management 9CRM) program, as the name would give it away, is a dedicated system to manage how people of your company interact with your customers. The system keeps the track record of direct interactions, potential leads and relevant notes in a synchronized database. This precious data is accessible to various people in the organization for their purpose. 

This data can help the sales team in forecasting the potential sales, the marketing team in creating marketing strategies and the customer relations department in their quest to improve customer service. A CRM is a carefully balanced system of automated features and manual override. 

Our Artwork

The much acclaimed CRM by Gtech is a one of its kind program that would redefine the way multiple fronts of your business would function. It is important to know that for any CRM, there are always two sides of the system. One is for the customers to keep track of their complaints or other feedback interactions with the company representative and the other is from the company’s (admin) side which is a multi-purpose panel.

Let us take a look at a few interesting aspects of one of the best CRMs around.


Here are some of the features on offer for the admin (manufacturer or website admin).


On the homepage of our state of the art CRM, you will find a range of features listed on the left with the default screen being that of a percentage defining overview of everything. The home page of the dashboard mentions important points like pending payments, lead conversion and unfinished tasks right at the top. On the right there are small windows of “to do'' list & pie charts of lead conversion.

The home page on the dashboard also showcases the overview of pending invoices and payment received. On the next scroll just below the default viewport height, we see a list of tasks. These tasks can be anything from internal procedural reminders, notices for payment collection, general announcements or even complaints. You also get things like calendar view and graphical representation of all aspects on the home page.

Note that the top navigation involves shortcuts of many of the above. 

Customers Panel

The dedicated panel for customers is another detailed feature in Gtech’s CRM. This panel shows a complete list of customers that are from the past and present. It also includes a list of potential leads that have generated inquiries for different products. 

This data can be exported externally. You can also import data of customers right into this panel. On clicking the customer listed in the panel, you see a range of details about the customer, its queries and the on-going or past interactions.


The sales panel includes a list of items or products, generated invoices, received payments and offered queries of estimates. These four aspects more or less cover the entirety of the sales of a company. The sales team will be just one click away from gathering the all-important data.


The expenses panel shows a list of expenses, all from small to big, with a detailed mention of the individuals involved in it. There is a multimedia upload option where you can upload files of all formats as receipts. 


The tasks panel shows the list of tasks that are either assigned, are in progress or are completed. There are different filters for this list. You can put tags on these tasks to differentiate them and you can also assign priority levels to make sure people involved in it know the importance of it.


The complaint section lists the complaints that are generated either through the system itself or have come from the consumer panel. You can view the status of the complaint, address it to someone to resolve and also see the history of those complaints. 


Leads are partially attached to the sales panel. It shows a list of interactions with customers who have dropped their contact details along with the product they were interested in. Based on the product they interacted with, the system assigns a particular value to that lead so that you can emphasize accordingly. 


The utilities panel shows the whole calendar which mentions the relevant tasks, complaint addresses, sales made or even expenses made. Calendar is basically an organized outlook of everything we do in the system.


In case you want documented reports, you can export them under the reports section. This panel has reports related to sales, leads and a detailed calculation of income vs expenses. You can also access classic reports like invoices, payment receipts and items or products enlisted in the system. 


The orders panel lists all the orders from all the sales funnels. Apart from the basic details of the customers who placed these orders, it also shows the sales lead it came from, the status of those orders and the payment. You can expand more details about a particular order with just one click. 


Annual Maintenance Contracts are very essential to any product manufacturer. Maintaining the list of contracted customers helps you serve their maintenance queries better. The AMC panel lists all the contracted customers with their details. 


Repair panel is a reflection of the complaint panel. It shows the response to the generated complaints. It is important to keep track of the nature of those repairs since many parts in your product are guaranteed and many of them are unguaranteed. Having a detailed track of every service or repair call and the nature of it helps you understand your product better as well.


The setup panel acts as a settings menu. Here you can add, delete or modify the structure of an entry. You can mention categories and tags that your employees are supposed to select from while making entries into different panels. You can also edit the authentication and the access rights of the members through this panel. Note that any change would require a process of authentication for the system to identify that you are the actual authenticated person making those master changes. 


The customer side of the system is where a customer can log in and access services that you have to offer. There is a dashboard on the customer’s home page as well. Unlike the admin panel, this dashboard is rather simple and includes only purchases projected as projects. 

Here are some interesting features of the system on the customer’s end.


The proposals panel is where customers can propose a purchase. This can be an institutional purchase quotation. Personal purchases can be directly taken care of by the sales team on the front. 


Estimates panel mentions the estimates or quotations which are presented by the company to the customer. Larger deals sometimes take time to finalize. It is important to document each proposal and subsequent estimate.


The invoices section depicts all the invoices the customer is supposed to adhere to. This helps customers keep the track of the warranties and service histories depending on the date of the purchase.


The two sections in the Annual Maintenance Contract panel show the proposed quotation from the manufacturer and subsequently agreed contract details.


The two sections in the repair panel show the repair and servicing history. The complaint panel shows all the requests made for repair or service and the other panel shows the history of the repairs or services.

Along with these details, customers can also get all the details from the manufacturer, their certifications and other contact details. Below the profile icon there is a section called “Announcements” where customers get to know all the latest updates from the manufacturer. 


Every manufacturer is different. Every product too is different from the other. Based on the nature of the product and its following services, we can make any number of changes and customization to the panels and the overall layout design of our CMS. We believe in bespoke solutions. Just like our other web services, we offer a complete custom solution for our esteemed clients. It is the bespoke offerings that differentiate good brands from the rest.

The Final Word

In the world of fast internet connectivity and consumer engagement, data is the most precious thing. Unorganized information can never form into data. This is where the art of CRM comes into the picture. We organize every minute detail of your organization both from the backend at the employee level and on the front end at the consumer level. This collection of data paves way for scalable growth. Join hands with us now to optimize the potential of this data-driven era of technology we currently live in.

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