Comprehensive Guide for WordPress Web Development Trends 2022
Comprehensive and Detailed Guide to the 2022 WordPress Web Development Trends to follow

Comprehensive and Detailed Guide to the 2022 WordPress Web Development Trends to follow

The sheer quantity of users and quality of the platform makes WordPress an undisputed winner. With regular updates and continuous innovation, WordPress has managed to pave the way for a lot of its competitors. Started as a blogging platform, its evolution has been exemplary.

Apart from being a free open source content management system, one of the biggest traits that work for WordPress is its range of built-in and third party plug-ins. Adding content on your website through WordPress is relatively easy and fast.

Even with an updated platform and an in-depth knowledge of its technicalities, one must remain updated with the latest trends and the behavioral patterns of the users to stay clear of the competition in the world of WordPress CMS development services. In this article, we share some light on what we believe are some of the most popular trends to follow.

Top WordPress Web Development Trends in 2022

If you want to stay clear of the competition and deliver custom WordPress development services with something unique and distinctive, we have a list of things that act as common trends in the world of WordPress.


Chatbots are very popular among developers of late. Apart from serving as an omnipresent support tool to the user, they are also a great way of receiving unfiltered feedback directly from the users.

If you have the correct database of the most frequently occurring queries, you can wrap it up in a few lines of codes and let the auto-chat feature respond to the users. Chatbots are very versatile if they are deployed right. Once the user starts interacting with your chatbot, you can share a variety of links as a response to their queries. This way, the popular feature not only serves as a support tool but also helps the user navigate through the site and the feedback and information you receive from the users is an added bonus.

Voice Search

Enhancing accessibility is the key to new age web development. Data sharing happens through multiple mediums unlike a few years. The aim for companies is to reach out to as many people as possible. Having multiple access mediums can get more traffic to your website as mobile web applications are much more dynamic than their web counterparts.

The absolute convenience you can offer your users with voice search takes the overall experience of your platform to a new level altogether.

Along with voice search, tools like translation and cross device adaptation are a few more ways to make your website more accessible. WordPress helps you make your website more accessible in terms of handling plug-ins and themes that help you cater your data to territories from all around the world.

Headless WordPress

With extreme emphasis given to user experience and user interface, more interactive web design tools have emerged considering how specific the front-end design aspect has become. The Internet is all about flexibility and with that in mind; WordPress developers have become very welcoming to a separate front-end solution. This phenomenon is called headless CMS.

The ease of integration and adaptability to any front-end technology ensures seamless content delivery and wide freedom to the developers to continue enhancing the user interface.

No-Code/Low-Code Development

AI and machine learning has changed the world by a great merit and building tech has benefited the most from it. What required paragraphs of codes earlier are now done with simple drag and drop functionality. Apart from saving hours, these interactive functions can improve the overall efficiency of the website and eliminate any coding or syntax error.

Tools like Elementor and Woocommerce help you build your website in a matter of hours. The No-Code/Low-Code concept is both time and cost saving.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is a very popular trend among web and app developers as it offers a completely new user experience along with saving lots of device battery and expanding the pixel lives. Dark mode replaces the screen’s white light that can be harmful for your eyes if you are staring at the screen for long periods. There are dozens of plug-ins you can use for your custom web development services to enable this feature on your website and it is absolutely recommended that you do so.

It is found that websites or apps with dark mode are viewed for more hours than the ones with the bright lights. Continuous attention to bright lights on the device screens can be very harmful for your eyes in the long term and the dark mode in WordPress serves just the right purpose by providing a soothing user interface along with device battery savings.

E-commerce Improvements

Businesses are thriving on the emergence of fast connectivity and most developers push for all the businesses to have an online presence. The integration of safe online payments took the growth of WordPress to a completely new level and in return, the platform rewarded businesses with tremendous revenues.

While this trend seems to be on a continuous rise, it is a very easy choice for any eCommerce web development agency to optimize their Woocommerce functions on their existing projects as the tool occupies most of the transactional traffic in the world of Ecommerce.


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) appear to be very popular features especially for ecommerce web developers. The ability to project your content with interactive ways like AR & VR changes the way users interact with your platform. While many developers are still playing the catching game, you can take the distinct advantage on your platform by using a variety of AR/VR plug-ins.

AR & VR add a new dimension (quite literally) to your user experience. The content delivery takes a completely fresh and unconventional route that is both unique and progressive. It may put an extra burden on your loading time but the rewards make the whole effort worth it.

Final Word

Now that you know the latest trends, leave no stone unturned in your creation. Ask your developers to list a few tricks they have up their sleeves before you hire WordPress developers. These interactive tools and unique trends make the already popular web development platform even more popular. Staying with the trends or setting new trends always pays off. The wide community of endless WordPress developers and the responsive behavior work together in a great synergy and create room for brighter innovation.

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