How to Become a Top Developer: 6 Android App Development Trends in 2022
How to Become a Top Developer: 6 Android App Development Trends in 2022

How to Become a Top Developer: 6 Android App Development Trends in 2022

Apps have disrupted the internet world. With three fourths of the majority using android devices, there is hardly any functionality related to connectivity and internet that cannot be done via apps. The open source nature of android and its popularity among developers have resulted in a world full of endless possibilities. Even amidst the pandemic, the revenues for Google Play soared over $12bn in the closing quarters of last year.

There are hardly any sectors that have not introduced android app technology to aid their functionalities. For some sectors it has changed the game forever and for some it has made significant impacts. Almost everyone wanted to be on the most popular, portable and convenient device in the world. It is becoming increasingly unpopular to accumulate a clutter of unused apps but if developed and subsequently used in the right way, android apps can really change the way you perform your everyday tasks.

Sectors Heavily Affected by Android App Development

There is hardly any sector that has not been impacted by the rise of internet and mobile applications. The highly compatible and versatile platform of android has now penetrated beyond just mobile phones and apps related to it. Let us take a good look at some sectors that are completely reformed by the emergence of android apps:


Retail business has not been the same ever since technology joined hands with logistics. Delivering goods at home was restricted to very few things but some big ecommerce players dared to innovate and invited a plethora of brands to sell their goods on their platforms. This was further helped by the superfast logistical support they got. Today, almost everything can be delivered at your home or office by merely tapping your phone’s screen a few times.


Making reservations used to be a big headache in the pre-internet era. Smart collaborations in this sector too changed the game on its head and now there are no middle agencies taking large chunks of commissions from your bookings and the competition has ensured that you get the best prices for any bookings you make. You can book tickets for movies, hotels, restaurants, flights and make all sorts of your reservations without having to go out.


Although YouTube was the first platform to launch a content hosting platform, the availability of fast internet and improved mobile devices attracted more players to venture the possibility of opening a new universe to produce and host content. Live streaming and hosting content is a huge business and pays unbelievable sums to creators and hosts around the world. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world as of 2022.

Line Production

Line production was a very heavy and complex task before the world of technology embraced it. Issues in connectivity and lack of compatibility caused major production losses and resulted in reduced efficiency. With IOT (Internet of Things) enabled custom mobile application development, many machines and utilities are connected to your mobile apps and are operated with a mere touch from anywhere in the world. This automates most part of the line production process and enhances the efficiency by a huge merit.


The phrase “smart” for a large part of the 21st century was reserved for phones. By enabling major equipment to perform its functions based on user inputs over a connected feature has changed the way we use our appliances. Right from washing machines to refrigerators and air conditioners, almost all home appliances are now connected through a mobile app.

With most sectors influenced by the popular usage of android apps, it was evident that after saturation, innovativeness would be the key. Today amidst a sea of apps, there are quite a few distinct ones that offer the most unique and strong functionalities. These apps set the trend for the rest to follow. 

Popular Trends among Android Apps in 2022

Innovation invites success and success enables your resources. With rich resources, one can take the next big step and pave the way for the herd to follow. Some innovators have come up with trends that are too good to give a pass. It is important for any emerging android developer to keep a tab on these popular trends. Let us take a good look at trends that are on dominance in 2022:

Android app development trends


5G is almost here and major apps have already tested their versions of it. The coming days promise us of ultrahigh speed internet lightening quick connectivity. Launching the app quickly and performing with highest speed loading low data would have been the focus for any android app development company till now. But with the availability of such high speed bandwidth, apps would have to offer more creativity and unmatched performance to its users to make the most of the 5G technology.

Decentralized Apps

App data storage has always been a headache for developers. With apps offering more dynamism, the space they occupy on your phone to perform these dynamic functionalities is massive. Using a technology that offers decentralized, shared and distributed storage that can’t be compromised, edited or rewritten solves some major storage issues for developers. The immutable nature of the blockchain technology acts as a secure, transparent and powerful way of freeing your phones from the cluster of functional data that these apps store. 

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a phenomenon that reduces overtly dependencies on human resources to perform some basic tasks and to enhance connectivity between machines to optimize the outputs. The concept of IOT has been successful both industrially as well as domestically. A report estimates over 18% of the total devices will be connected via IOT and over 14.4 billion devices globally will be connected via IOT. Lot of appliances and household functions are now automated and you can operate most of it with a touch on your app. On the other hand, businesses too want to automate many processes with the help of this technology and want to enable operations on just one interface instead of having to toggle between multiple complex panels.


Content streaming was a concept of entertainment in the past. With the rise in values of intellectual properties, companies now want to stream exclusive content on their own app exclusively. Product launches, exclusive sneak peek, interactions, podcasts, interviews, gaming and a host of other events are now streamed exclusively on apps. Providing exclusive content on your specific app drives more traffic to it compared to navigating the same by hosting your stream on other popular streaming platforms. With 5G, the streaming feature will only get stronger among developers. 

In-app Purchases

Apart from ecommerce retail apps, most apps offer static content and staple user experience. Offering in-app purchases is a very popular feature to boost the revenue stream for companies. These purchases can be anything from gift coupons to loyalty tokens. Enabling your users to earn or purchase reward points and redeem them for your exclusive services or content is a great way of both generating revenue and enhancing the engagement. 

Instant Apps

Another feature gaining immense fandom is Play Store’s Google Play Instant feature. This feature enables you to use an app without actually having to install it to your phone. This saves a lot of your phone’s storage and data and at the same time allows you to have a look at how the app would function without having to fully install it. The Google Play Instant feature is enabled for both gaming (Instant Play) and other apps (Try). What it essentially does is that when the user taps on “try” or “instant play”, the exchange of data is done via Google Play instead of the server and your device. 

instant apps
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The Final Word

Android shares a large chunk of the user base and Google is making the most of it by introducing platforms to develop apps and by rolling out features that help both the user and the developers. The game was so far played on a neutral venue but now with things shifting to places like decentralized storage and networks offering 10x the current speed, we could see exciting features on our apps and businesses might reconstruct their parameters to hire dedicated mobile app developers. What is evident is the fact that with Google expanding their universe from mobile devices to computer OS, wearables, home appliances and even vehicles, we are assured of a spectacle of a future that is full of dynamic and feature heavy apps.

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