12 Tips To Select The Right Company For Android App Development
How to Select the Right Company for Android App Development?

How to Select the Right Company for Android App Development?

A study revealed that an average mobile phone user checks their mobile device 262 times a day every 5.5 minutes. In public places, most of the individuals around you have their eyes glued to their mobile phone screens. With so much of a user base, it is common for the Android App Development industry to be experiencing such a huge spike in their demand.

With millions of android apps out there, not all are making a huge success. If you have a requirement for an Android application, you must choose a company that is most promising & makes your solution stand out from the crowd in the application store. We have drafted an in-depth insight on what important variables you need to consider for choosing the Right Company for android app development. The article can be useful for any scale of organization, vouching for an android app development company.

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Initial Phase of Hunting Best Android App Development Company

Preliminary Analysis:

Brainstorming with different minds will help you in the initial run. Conduct a preliminary analysis with your subordinate member to figure out and note down what exactly you want with your app. You can start with defining goals and decomposing the same into the app's features which will help you to achieve the same. Companies that best match their case studies with your expected solutions can be the best option. We know that the best ones come with a not-so-pocket-friendly price tag. You need to be strictly clear on how much you want to spend on your app and, in the worst-case what margin your budget can have. This will help you in risk analysis and not hinder other functions while getting an app developed for yourself or your firm.

After having a proper idea of what you want and on what budget, you can bump yourself on a hunt to find the best mobile app development services with the following variables in mind:

Company & Employee Experience:

Choose a company on the basis of how many years of expertise they possess in a respective app development field. Development company with a good market survival duration and having experienced developers can be your best option as they will have knowledge of all possible outcomes and provides an adequate consolation for your requirements. They will also help you remove unnecessary fatalities and get the highest possible ROI. Both company and employee experience are crucial variables when giving an app development contract.


You can judge a company's professionalism by their pitching, meetings with you & sample contract variables which they provide an idea to you. There are many third-party portals where you can seek the past reviews of a respective company and get insight regarding what their previous clients have to say before you hire android app developers. Suppose the portfolio is inclined towards the negative side, then you can dodge a deal with the company. Remember that every genuine company might end up not satisfying every client, and in this world of digital marketing, competitors always generate fake negative reviews so if the profile has one or two negative reviews, just avoid them in your consideration.

Cost and Value:

Many companies will try to contact you to address your flutter app development requirement, which will make your mail list have a number of proposals. You can make a spreadsheet to analyze which company is offering you the best deal with respect to features at an offered pricing that suits your budget. We are not telling you to go with the cheapest, but keep in mind to get the best with your negotiation power. Also, make sure the android app you will get must run on most android devices, and scalability might not be a concern. This way, you can justify your budget for your android app development course.

Brand presence analysis:

Client reviews are the foremost things that you can get by Googling "company_name" + reviews. On the google my business section, you can also find autunitic client experiences with a particular company. Apart from these platforms, try digging the social media presence. A highly active brand flaunts its expertise on social channels and will have a considerable number of interactions from its fan followings. In fact, the social channel can be your bait for finding great companies by just posting up your requirement and letting the company's BDE contact you.

Appealing Designing:

A buttery smooth application reflecting your brand's color pallets is a must in this modern era of mobile computing. A company that serves you with an appealing design for your android app is the company of your choice. Try getting samples of design and some previous work from the development company to get an idea of their designing skills. If your app is functional and the design is not perfect, the user might have a hard time navigating the features.

Coding standards:

To code is easy, but to code with standards is hard, and not every company has this expertise. Validate your solution offeror for code ethics and documentation. This will make the technical part easily understandable for others. Following coding standards also ensures the technical feasibility is simplified and easily debuggable. This is the most underrated aspect, which is often ignored while seeking an app development enterprise.  

Application Architecture Engineering:

When you are going through your options, look out for companies with excellent senior software architecture experts, these are the functional pillars for your proposed application and will help in creating a concrete wireframe with data & logical flow according to the user operational feasibility. A development firm deprived of an application architecture expert will not help you build a sturdy app that outperforms in the long run.

Dedicated Testing:

A dedicated testing team is a must. If the company you are willing to get ahead with has an internal testing team, go for it. If not, you can ask them to outsource the testing tasks. Without testing experts, your app has a chance to fail in the real world. This is the last thing you want to experience your android app with. There exist multiple levels of testing where the design, flow, validation, security and environment are rigorously tested. QC passed apps are the founding stone of a happy user base and will have an enhanced number of downloads. Google Play store also has testing criteria, and if your app is not undergone the testing phase, it will not be able to get live on the store.

Communication Skills:

An Android application is just a mere coded program that can be optimized with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Modern-day applications are equipped with AI chatbots to bridge the communicational gap between the solution and the audience. Even though your app or budget might not favor that many functional requirements try seeking a development company that houses employees with excellent communication skills. You will be sure to get an application that not only connects with your user base but also solves their problems too.


Delivering performance is in the hand of how you code your application and efficiently manage the host resources. Your app might be running on multiple devices with different android variants and hardware configurations. A company promising you to deliver a robust android application solution that is capable of delivering the same output in a versatile environment is the one you must go with.


Being transparent with every procedural step is a leading principle of long business relationships. Company following ethics of being transparent to their client in terms of budget, timings, resources, deadlines and real-world outcomes has more chances of getting your contract. You must non entertain firms with diplomatic unveiled scenarios and development flows. Getting a genuine enterprise must be your top priority while getting an Android app developed.

Innovation & Integrity:

Last but not least, innovation and company integrity for business security must be thoroughly followed by your app solution provider. You have a vision and to put something extra to it and provide unexceptional results in the moral responsibility of a technological disruptive solution provider. The one that does not add value to your idea is not worthy of your time, effort and monetary compensation.

Why choose Gtech as your Android app development company?

We have had our feet and hands submerged in mobile technical solution development for 16 years. Since then, Gtech mobile development solution has successfully dodged many problems on the way and is compliant with building a full-proof mobile app solution for the Android ecosystem. With a team of many experienced android personnel guided by industry-leading managers and team leads, you can rely on our proficiency for guaranteed app development. If you have a vision, we have a sturdy app for you is our core motto.

We catered to every crucial element like database masters, frontend designers, api developers, system architectures, and dedicated app testers in our team for the successful development of the android application. Our company is backed up by an in-house R & D department, which helps you get more out of current trends and even be a trendsetter yourself. Our versatile experience with blockchain, e-commerce applications, games building, and location-specific android applications makes us the pioneer in delivering an ultra-blazing solution for every need. Your app can touch base on every aspect of our wide spectrum of expertise.

In the past years, our quality of work has gotten us to deliver solutions for many diversified industries such as hospitality, medical, government, NGOs, eCommerce & profit concentric organizations. We have the taste of every sector, which you can opt for and leverage for a faster and more robust solution.

Bottom Line

Your competitor might have the market share with the Android app hosted on the play store, don't be late in the technical run. Get featured with an Android app and claim a userbase with your unique ideas & offers with Gtech services. Don't go with your heart, be unique and contribute something new to this society by leveraging this guide to find the ultimate company that helps you achieve your mission. Share this article if you found it useful in your journey.

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Pinal is a React Native Developer working with Gtech Web Infotech Pvt. Ltd., a leading mobile app development company in India. Being capable of building cross-platform applications that are highly proficient and offer intuitive user experience is her forte.

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