The Era of Digital Marketing
The Era of Digital Marketing

The Era of Digital Marketing

With the term marketing, the general idea we have is of promoting, pitching or selling a product or a service in the market, which required a lot of market research and fieldwork. And eventually is restricted to the limited geographical area and yet not that cost-effective.

we all want growth, but also need to assure the budget, and I hope maximum will agree to it!! Then what was the solution to outreach to people on a far corner of the globe?? There comes digital marketing. With the help of the internet and deep knowledge of the internet, the dream is to outreach all people with the least cost and give maximum output.

Lets take a bit back into the history from the birth of internet to the 1st email sent, and then we all know what revolution did the internet gave us.

With the boom of internet in the 1980’s, people were less aware of the power it holds. The power to connect, to explore, to invent. In the ’80s internet was limited to a restricted area and did not have much to do. In 1990’s for the first time Digital Marketing was used, and Ray Tomlinson used 1st email and then was accessible to people around the globe.

By 2000 with the rise in internet users and the technology of mobile phones also taking the path of development, people became more aware of digital marketing.

With email, calling facilities and rise in internet user digital marketing became more prominent.

But to understand the market, make strategies and know the market around the work was not easy, it was a tedious task for everyone. People wanted to get digitalized and leave their footprints all around the globe but were restricted with knowledge and time.

There the requirement and needs of a digital marketing agency came, they will understand your requirements, study the product or service you provide, and know the client base. According will make the marketing strategy.

In the current era, digital marketing is a vast field, with a high volume of sales benefits that it has served.

In the current era, digital marketing is a vast field

Let’s see how it has helped in thriving the market, below points will give you a better understanding of digital marketing.

Why should I go with Digital Marketing

Will it attract a new client base?

Yes, it doesn’t matter if you have started your company or it’s a listed one. Everyone needs to approach and have more and more clients. The digital market will provide a resource to reach more clients.

Is the digital market cost-effective?

Yes, it is cost-effective compared to the traditional way. Where the traditional way is limited and you completely need to rely on manpower & is limited to geographical region. Wherewith digital marketing you can reach out to any part of the world.

The survey was done in 2017, states.

- 82% have shifted from the traditional way. Rest is using the traditional way with less approach.

- 86% have claimed that is more cost-effective.

- 75% have received the result within 2 months with digital marketing.

Is the digital market cost-effective?

It will help in conversion that can eventually be tracked by the traffic received on the web. Giving a transparent platform to understand the growth.

Will help in generating more revenue.

With an effective/ higher conversation rate, it will help in generating more revenue.

A company that uses digital marketing have generated 68% more business. Where small and medium scale companies have generated 3.3 times than expected.

A company that uses digital marketing

Target the right audience

Here we are going to target a specific segment that is result-oriented. It has helped in achieving the predetermined goals and is thus considered to be the best-personalized way of marketing.

Build brand reputation & trust

Every business wants to leverage its product or service. With the help of digital marketing, there are way more possibilities to get more clicks.

By getting your products/ service endorsed, post on social media, helping people to be aware of the product/service you provide.

Build brand reputation & trust

DM makes you ready for IOT

Survival of your business in the era of IoT-enabled applications to change the bottom line of your business, making your business progress with Speed. In a world driven by technology, you need to improve your services with the latest technologies delivering a hyper-connected user experience.

DM will make you survive

With the best strategy and planning, digital marketing will help you to have a steady workflow, helping you to thrive in the worst situations also.

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