Top 12 PHP Libraries to Leverage Your PHP Development
Top 12 PHP Libraries to Leverage Your PHP Development

Top 12 PHP Libraries to Leverage Your PHP Development

This praise-worthy serverside scripting language has always been credited for a variety of reasons. The reason that we are here to discuss this is its large built-in libraries that would help you get ahead of time in the app development process.

So without further ado, let's jump right to the twelve most useful libraries that would change your perspective of web app development. 


This PHP library enables you to cache data from the server, making it faster and more efficient than before. The library also supports caching methods such as APC, Memcache, Memcached, WinCache and Mpdo.

The simple PHP library makes it easy for you to use all these different caching systems without having any knowledge of them beforehand.

This means that if you have an existing website using one of these systems in your backend codebase, then all you need to do is add this new library into place and get started with its fastCGI support immediately.


Parody is a library for mocking objects, methods and classes. It can mock any object, including closures and static methods.

Mocking is a technique used to test code without actually writing the code that you want to test. 

In other words, as per the experience of the developers who provide PHP development service, this library allows you to write tests that check whether your application works as expected even if there are no actual instances of those elements in your system at runtime (like when testing an API endpoint).


ImageWorkshop is a PHP library that allows you to manipulate images. It's built on top of GD and Imagick, so when you're ready to put it into action, all you have to do is include the library in your code and start using it!

ImageWorkshop provides a simple interface for resizing, cropping, flipping and rotating images. You can also watermark or colorize your images with no problem at all.


Ratchet is a PHP framework used by most companies that provides PHP development service for building RESTful web services. It's based on Symfony components and uses PSR-7 as its foundation. Ratchet has a low learning curve, so you can get started quickly with this toolkit.

It's also well documented, so there's no need to spend hours reading docs or tutorials before you start using it in your projects. 

This makes it useful for developing real-time, two-directional apps like chat applications or dating websites where users should be able to send requests without waiting for server response times (hence "real-time").

PHP dotenv

This library loads environment variables from a .env file. It allows you to set configuration variables in your code without having to expose them as part of your public API.

dotenv is not a replacement for setting environment variables at runtime, but it can be useful when developing applications with multiple environments or testing out different versions of an application without having to rewrite all its functionality each time you change the version number of your software.


Hoa is a PHP library that provides common data structures and algorithms. It's an acronym for HTTP Object Adapter, and it's also a collection of common data structures and algorithms.

Hoa offers several features to simplify your development process:

  • It provides a set of convenient functions for manipulating HTTP headers
  • It supports data compression using gzip compression methods (including Brotli)


This open-source PHP web application framework, built on top of the Symfony Standard Edition, provides a set of reusable components and utilities that help developers build better software faster with less code. 

With more than 50 different components to choose from, you can create any kind of website or web application you want!


Monolog is a PSR-3 compatible logger. It can be used to record errors, warnings and other events in your code. Monolog is a great library to use if you want to keep track of what is happening in your application.

Monolog supports multiple logging formats such as JSON, XML or plain text and also supports external loggers like stdout/stderr wherever possible, which makes it easy for integration with existing systems like Sentry or Papertrail.


Mink is a PHP library for testing. One of the Tips for PHP developer: this is a library that every PHP developer must leverage. It is a port of Ruby's MiniTest, which was designed to be simple and unobtrusive.

Mink can be used to test any code that can be run as a command line script, including the files in your project directory (as well as tests). 

You need not install it manually; just include it in your project's composer.json file, and Mink will automatically download its dependencies when you run the composer update.

Any WordPress website development company that provides PHP development services does know about this library, as nothing is more important than a smoothly running website or application. 


This PHP charting library allows you to create charts using PHP, and it supports a large number of chart types, such as bar, line and pie charts. 

The library has been developed by the Stack Overflow community so that developers can use their existing knowledge in other areas, such as JavaScript or jQuery, to create new applications.

The library is easy to use because it uses the same API as its sister product XChart for Android devices, which makes it possible for users who don't have any programming experience at all but still want an easy way of creating interactive web pages with graphs based on data stored in databases or files on disk drives (such as Excel spreadsheets).


Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for you. It helps you to populate your database with test data, which can be used in testing and other purposes. You can also use faker to generate larger datasets that are not available in the real world.

It's an easy way to add some realism to your tests, but it can also be used for creating dummy databases or even adding custom fields on existing tables if needed.


Swiftmailer is a PHP mail delivery library that is designed to be lightweight, easy to use and integrate with any application. It supports various mail delivery protocols such as SMTP, Sendmail and Network Mail Transport Protocol (NMT).

Swiftmailer has been developed by SwiftMailer LLC since 2003 when it was first released as an open-source project on under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later license agreement.

Why Outsource your PHP development instead?

PHP Libraries

If you have the right skills, outsourcing your PHP development or full-stack development services can save you time and money. You can focus on your core business while hiring a developer who specializes in web app development.

This is where companies like us - Gtech step in and make it easier for your business to achieve its desired targets. 

With a professional team of developers available to provide top-notch PHP development service, you'll have access to a wider range of skills and technologies than if you were doing it yourself. 

And if there's any chance that they'll be able to help with something else as well—like building an app or creating an eCommerce store—it's even better!


PHP is the most popular web development language, and it has a large community of supporters. 

If you're looking to build your own site or web app, you should consider using one of these libraries. With their help, you can build complex applications without having to know all the details about how they work behind the scenes.

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