Top 7 Web Development Trend You Should Know in 2021
Top 7 Web Development Trend You Should Know in 2021

Top 7 Web Development Trend You Should Know in 2021

Technology is evolving quickly; therefore, web developers need to stay updated with the ongoing developments and trends, as it is one of the most crucial aspects for the success of organizations.

There are over 1.74 billion websites around the globe. The reason behind why web designers and developers should know and find more innovative ways to deal with web improvement as it encourages businesses to develop rather exponentially and globally. With greater focuses on search engine optimization (SEO) for good rankings, the demands are today greater for user experience.

So what are the top web development trends of 2021?

Progressive Web App Development

PWAs aren't new by any stretch of the imagination, but this trend continues to grow throughout 2021.

The main goal of PWAs is to bring a mobile-app-like experience to users across all devices. PWAs empower websites to load quickly and still work offline. They recreate the in-application experience within a browser and make things easier for developers than building native applications for every device.

In the current scenario, a smartphone is available with all age groups and we recommend utilize it for any kind of search. As SEO also is moving towards mobile devices, entrepreneurs or organizations providing Web Development Services need to embark on this trend to accelerate business growth.

Motion UI design

A website shouldn't only have all of the information somebody is looking for; it should also be aesthetically satisfying. Expanding accentuation is being placed on the UI, and motion UI is the next stage ripe for explosion.

At the point when a user visits a website, they would prefer not to need to ponder where to go. Motion design helps to make a natural interface that guides users, instructing them what to do and where to focus on the page.

Motion UI involves the use of visual cues and makes it possible for web applications to respond to users, making a more enjoyable user experience.


Consumers are presently more aware and love to find out about your business. Should this all be possible by a human? Chatbots are the current and future trends in website development. Try not to be shocked when consumers are happier to interact with a bot.

Consumers request more bot interactions for spontaneity and less wait time. Indeed, 48% of consumers like to contact a Company via chatbot, as emails can be a time taking.

Voice Search Technology

The most recent and well-known trend, we as a whole love to simply say "Hello Siri" or "Hey, Google". These assistants are friendly and simple to use. Consumers highly lean today because of comfort over the conventional sort search strategy.

Consequently, optimizing and improving your website for voice search gives benefits like better ranking, increased traffic of your website, and better user acquisition. It isn’t tough, the API’s are already available.

Website Security

According to studies, almost 50,000 websites are penetrated by hackers every day. This is troubling since many organizations are using digital platforms to run their businesses. Websites, on the other hand, contain a ton of touchy client data. 2021 is the year when strict website security protocols put in place for consistency.

Using HTTPS protocol is a priority for all website developers and owners. HTTPS protocol is an essential security standard for all websites as it guarantees secure communication without any threat from third parties. The websites that are not protected by HTTPS are set apart by google as unsafe.

Cloud Computing

The growth of remote work wouldn't be conceivable without cloud computing, and that trend should proceed into 2021. According to Gartner, public cloud services are required to grow to $306.9 billion by 2021, up from $242.7 billion in 2019.

Cloud computing prevents data loss and data overloading. In this way, it has the capability to replace regular servers. This trend transforms the way to deal with web development in the coming years as it reduces development costs as well as the entire web architecture.

API-first development

Previously, many developers may have focused on the product first and afterward treated the way that it needed to be associated with different devices as an afterthought. However, now APIs are front and focus as organizations look for ways to increase interconnectivity.

API-first development puts the users first and has other benefits, such as allowing development teams to work in parallel, reducing app development costs, and speeding up to the market.

Hence, regardless of whether an entrepreneur or web development company, start embedding your business objectives with the latest trends to be #1.

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