What Is React Native & Why Use It In Mobile App Development?

What Is React Native & Why Use It In Mobile App Development?

Today, we find ourselves addicted to various mobile apps. They are, in fact, an integral facet of our lives. The situation is such that we often download mobile apps for each of our discrete requirements, which is why there would be nothing wrong with saying that apart from technology, our lives have become easier owing to these apps. No wonder the react native app development company USA is booming.

Each app that we download on our phone has a purpose to it. Whether communication, payment, meditation, trading, entertainment, and whatnot. The quality of a React Native application in terms of usability and user interface is directly proportionate to everything spent on it.

Numerous tools and frameworks, apart from resources, go into developing these apps. All of these enhance the User Interface and add more functionality to an app. We highly recommend using one such tool - React Native.  

The statistics of React Native’s increasing usage over the years sure tell its success story.

React Native Usage

React Native: Meaning & Its Importance In Mobile App Development

Before it became open-source, this was a JavaScript-based “ in-house” mobile app framework created by Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg at its helm. It was fabricated for developing mobile apps compatible with hardware platforms. It has become a popular choice because of its efficiency on both these platforms. Before jumping right into it by just knowing that it is used by giants like Uber, Microsoft, and Facebook, it is crucial to understand what it is in the first place. 

ReactJS is the predecessor of React native. Even after being made open-source by Facebook, it was developed gradually. After the realization of the mistake of betting it all on html5, which even mark Zuckerberg himself admits to, React Native rectified this mistake, and that is when Facebook used it for react native mobile app development. Thanks to this decision, we are now using a better Facebook mobile app which was not the case when the app was first released in 2012. The first app was an epic fail; apart from instability, it was slow as a snail. No wonder Facebook needed an alternative to using html5. 

Then facebook released a mobile app in 2015, which was way better in all aspects, including better integration with other platforms.

Read further to find out why it is used exorbitantly in native app development today.

Support Of Third-Party Plugin

React Native is still on its own journey of evolution. It is due to this that it is unable to provide components for some specific requirements. It is not like you cannot incorporate those specific requirements in the mobile application. This is where the third-party plugins React would be useful to transcend this hurdle. These plugins are broadly differentiated into are of two types. These are JavaScript-based and native modules.

So no more integration of Google Maps in your app would be a problem as all developers would require to link third-party or native modules with React Native’s plugins. 

Reusable Code

One of the major perks of utilizing React Native is its code’s reusability. It does away with the need for multiple codes for different hardware platforms. This implies for the existing React Native web app; you can utilize the same source code to develop a mobile app. The benefits that code reusability brings are :

  • Increased efficiency
  • Quick development results
  • Substantial cost reduction
  • The speedy app development 

Cross-platform Congruity

Facebook was able to get its app on as many devices like phones, tablets, and computers as possible, owing to this functionality. The framework utilizes a common JavaScrip library to render the native app UI. It is the reason your app will look the same no matter the platform it runs on. 

If you want to develop and native app means, you require a different team for different platforms, one for iOS, one for Andriod, etc. This means it enables simultaneous development. 

Set aside the fear of your mobile app’s performance over multiple hardware platforms owing to this feature. As far as the prominent cross-platform mobile framework is concerned - React Native outshines flutter. 

What compatibility over cross-platform offers:

  • Significant time reduction
  • Cost reduction
  • Quick development process
  • No requirement for different developers for different platforms

As a result, you may quickly launch your mobile application and get a competitive advantage.

High-performing & Stable Mobile Apps

React Native offers a simplified and robust binding strategy for its codebase. It entirely eliminates the requisite of modifying the object state to change one before rolling updates. As a result, the application becomes more stable. That too, apart from utilizing cross-platform development methods.

If you're starting from scratch with your mobile app, Consider React Native as an alternative. It is an aftereffect of React Native's utilization of Webview to render codes; developers will be able to complete everything in no time. Furthermore, the addition of user flow, single view, features, screens, or any such sort of aspect in the existing app is smooth with React Native.

Fits tight budget constraints

One of the significant facets of business is its budget. Especially for the start-up that is short of the budget but is in desperate need of a cost and time-effective way to develop their app. Well, what could be a better cost and time-effective alternative than using it for your app? The above benefits are evidence that it would fit your budget and minimize significant time. Employing a React Native developer is the smartest move as they would work on discrete budget constraints. They will develop the finest application assuring that it fits your budget constraints, so go ahead!

Programming in a Familiar Language

You can't begin working with React Native without first understanding a variety of languages. If you're one of the people who believe this, it's time to put this "myth" to rest. If you have foreknowledge of JavaScript programming, you'll be able to develop React Native code.

It may be hard to believe, but with good googling skills and basic knowledge, one can self-learn the React Native and master it with time and development. Even the developers who have never found themselves anywhere near React Native can learn it too. You can also leverage mobile app development services USA to eliminate the trouble of learning it and concentrate on the business's essential operations instead.


The trustworthiness of any platform comes from its attestation before the launch. React Native, too, was tested before Facebook was all set to launch. Facebook wanted to make sure that they provided the perfect framework, so the mobile app was developed to access Reach Native's viability, and it did pass the test. For instance, you won't feel that Facebook is not a native app? Your mobile app development imagination is about to come true as soon as you opt to React Native.

To sum it all up,

It is time to end the hunt for the most preferred framework, as React Native has it all. Facebook sure worked hard to develop its in-house mobile app development framework to overcome the issues it faced upon launching its first mobile app. You can leverage this amazing framework for developing your mobile application too. Now that the requirement for mobile applications is arising exponentially, apart from having a stunning business website, it becomes inevitable to take the decision ASAP, given the rising competition in every business niche. So what are you waiting for? Have no clue? We provide unmatchable mobile app development solutions. Leave it to Gtech's exceptionally skilled developers!

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