Why Bounce Rate is Important?

Why Bounce Rate is Important?

Once again welcome to our blog. In our last blog, we have seen regarding the digital marketing services, why it’s required how it's gonna benefit with clicking new clients. But is that all, naa… just doing SEO, google ads, and other digital service is not the only thing that matters.

Bounce high. But no high bounce rate. What’s that…???

Let's understand the term bounce rate. Were the best rate is 26-40% Basically, bounce rate is used in analyzing web traffic. Which measure the amount of time a visitor spends on the web.

Average rate is 40-55%
And worst is 56%+

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So, the conclusion is higher the rate worst it is…

Bounce rate is a big issue for both digital marketing agency as well as web development company.

So, what are the factors affecting bounce rate? And how does it affect?

Well, there are multiple reasons to have a higher bounce rate or can say the visit time on the web is less.

So, what are the factors affecting bounce rate? And how does it affect?

Target the right audience

Here we are going to target a specific segment that is result-oriented. It has helped in achieving the predetermined goals and is thus considered to be the best-personalized way of marketing.

Let's take this by simple questions

1) Do you like a nice clean room or a dirty one?
A nice and clean room is preferred I believe.

2) Do you like to read long text only or would prefer with images, facts & figures, and brief content yet well explanatory?
We all prefer short and simple yet covering all necessary information.

3) Do you visit any web for brain teasers or to seek relevant information?
Of course, to looking for relevant information.

4) Do you like someone cheat you?

5) do you like to wait in a queue?
Nops never

This can be compared with the web.
1) Keep the web simple, maintain the hierarchy of content, must be easy to navigate from page to page, add details keeping user-centricity.
2) Keep relevant information. Avoid any information that has no base.
3) Make it user friendly. No one will like a complicated web or taking a long time to login
4) Optimize the web page, images so the loading time is reduced.
5) Use the real fact, not just copy-paste, non-used information.
6) Avoid other web bad links.
7) Properly add tag/ Meta tags.
8) Single landing page is not good.
9) Web is not mobile-friendly.
Above are the common reasons why people leave.

Above are the common reasons why people leave.

And what is the best solution?

These are the error that must be solved at the time of designing and development.
Thus, what we recommended is that one must contact web development company who have relevant experience and have been providing custom web development services. They will look at the product, client base, and competitor and then accordingly design the web for you.
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