Why Web App Development Ticks All Boxes

Why Web App Development Ticks All Boxes

In an age of mobile apps, web browsers have not completely gone out of fashion. While apps find it difficult to penetrate inside the desk devices, there is no doubt at all about their popularity among mobile and wearable devices. 

With the ever present dominance of browsers, it is important for businesses to put their best foot forward when it comes to creating a web presence. Despite the popularity of mobile devices, there are some limitations they face and this is where web browsers provide users the endless possibility to access any number of data they wish to.

Web Application over Websites

Web applications are application software that run on a web browser and whose data is stored on a remote server instead of local storage. How could an application run on a browser you would ask, wouldn’t you? Well, it’s quite simple. Just like mobile application development, progressive web app development services also create multi-layered chunks of logical programs that react to the input from the browser. This eliminates constant back and forth that a traditional website had to do earlier and provides an app-like experience to the user without making multiple page refreshes.

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A traditional website would take refreshes at every navigation while for web applications, the group of logical commands perform most tasks without page refresh. This results in a seamless experience for the users. Web applications may not appeal to every business but for a lot of businesses out there, it makes sense to opt for it over the conventional website layouts.

Benefits of Web Applications

There are four core benefits of using web applications. These are mainly beneficial for users but on the flip side, anything that the user finds beneficial is always good for the businesses in the long run. As far as any web app development company is concerned, they would always embrace any new technology that makes both the businesses and users happy. Let us take a closer look at the core benefits of having a web application.

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Frees Device Space

You can perform almost all the major functions of a mobile app through a web app without having to actually download one. This frees up a lot of space on your mobile device or even your computer. Having spare storage is quite an advantage in today’s times. Users can access any app through its web version and then decide whether or not they should download its mobile app version.

Quicker To Access

Imagine you need to access an online shopping platform and want to check out a product very quickly. The amount of time it will take for you to download that platform’s mobile app and open it may not sound too appealing for you only to check out one product. There are so many progressive web apps for eCommerce that you can just open your browser and checkout any product or information you want within no time.

Cost Effective 

It is commonly known that costs for web or app development are on an hourly basis. Apparently, the hourly costs of mobile app development are higher than that of web apps or conventional websites. Mobile apps also cost quite a lot for its hosting on multiple platforms like App Store on iOS or Play Store on Android. Hosting a website or a web app costs you significantly less.

No Manual Updates

Mobile apps undergo so many regular updates to comply with new software updates or to fix a bug. Every time the developers roll out an update, the user has to manually update the version of the app to stay updated. Additionally, a study shows that more updates result in higher ratings for apps. In case of a web app, the user does not have to manually update anything. Since the storage of web apps is on a remote server, any update from the developer’s side will eventually reflect on the browser when it loads the URL. No need to manually update saves a lot of space, data and time for the user. 

The Final Word

Having a dedicated app sure gives you a lot of freedom to offer more features and have a longer engagement but that comes at a price for your users. People these days do not like to cluster their storage with apps they don’t use too often. In that case having a strong web app that behaves exactly like a mobile app proves to be a brilliant idea. There are surely some disadvantages of web apps compared to their mobile counterparts. For example, web apps do not work offline while mobile apps offer many functionalities to perform offline. Being single-tiered software, mobile apps are faster too. But the trend to not cluster the mobile storage and the urge to log on to a website before downloading an app are enough reasons for businesses to consider developing a fast and dynamic web application.

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