Shop Over Millions Of Products And Get Them Delivered Home Only On Aggregator App

Shop Over Millions Of Products

What Exactly Is The Aggregator App?

This is the age of abundance, where consumers are spoiled with choices on everything from products to services. Planning to buy a television? You have hundreds of models out there. Looking for apparel? There are thousands in the market. Such an abundance of goods and services is only good as users have the luxury to compare products simultaneously and buy their preferred brands at cost-effective prices.

To further offer more choices to consumers and let them experience quality products and services comes the Aggregator App. The app is the perfect marketplace for the millennial generation, housing over millions of products across hundreds of diverse categories.

Users can search for their preferred products, filter and sort, check out product reviews, browse through images, order them and get them delivered at the location and time of their choice. The app is designed to offer a seamless shopping experience with a very transparent pricing model as well.

The app also has a solid recommendation system, where it learns from users’ tastes and preferences and suggests products they are most likely to buy. Besides, users can reorder products autonomously as well. The Aggregator app is the perfect shopping companion for all your needs regardless of occasions and reasons. Go pamper yourself on the app now.

How We Did It
How We Did It?

Client Requirements

The concept of aggregator apps is not new in the market. There are a variety of them from food aggregators to transport aggregators. However, launching a holistic solution that serves as a one-stop-shop for consumers to get anything delivered or served is a unique attempt. There is still space in the market for such a brand and that’s exactly what our clients realized on their market research.

So, they approached us with the idea to develop and launch a solid end-to-end app that allowed consumers to search for everything except their lost car keys. This was the brief we got and after looking at our previous works, expectations from the client side were sky high.

The challenge

When we’ve decided to offer a colossal range of products and services on our website, the first challenge is to develop a backend that supports the scale of the ambition. We had to be prepared for an infinite number of product pages, vendor profiles, user accounts and more.

Besides, the website had to tackle massive volumes of traffic as well. This is not just during the sale and festive seasons but in general when consumers simply visit the website to check out preferred brands and products. One of the other challenges was in categorizing products and services so consumers could easily find what they were looking for.

Next, individual profiles and dashboards for vendors needed to be built as well with detailed analytics and visualization of aspects such as supply-chain, order tracking, inventory, pending payments, invoicing and more. There were a different set of modules to be developed for consumers as well. Overall, a mammoth challenge lay in front of us with the app.

How We Cracked The App

Understanding Client Requirements

We started off with the wireframe for the website. This gave us a clear idea of the flow of the portal and how users and vendors would navigate from one step to another. Once we realized the experience was cohesive, we started with the backend modules.

Developing The Wireframe

We developed systems, algorithms, dashboards and recommendation systems for our consumers to have an immersive shopping experience. We also allowed users to checkout as guests to eliminate last-minute cart abandonment due to sign up issues. With specific algorithms in place for categorization of products, we automated the entire process, too.

Developing The Product

Additional servers were deployed, the cloud technology was leveraged to its full potential and other superior technologies were integrated into the architecture for the smooth functioning of the website.

Testing And Launch

Today, the app is as solid as it gets and you need to check its awesomeness.  

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