In A Hurry To Reach Somewhere? Teleport Yourself In A Car Of Your Choice Through Our Cab Booking App

Cab Booking App

What Is The Cab Booking App?

It’s 2021 and you’re still waiting for cabs and autos to pick you up? Or worse, are you still in line for one of the public transportation services? Well, there’s a smarter and more convenient way to travel - using The Cab Booking App.

The Cab Booking App is designed for commuters like you, who want to skip the queues and beat the blues of traveling amidst crowded compartments and buses. With The Cab Booking App, you can instantly find cabs in your vicinity and zoom down your way to reach your destination. The best part is that the app offers you rides at cost-effective prices so you could even use the app as your primary source of commute.

The app curates different classes of cars based on the number of people traveling and comfort requirements and gives you a fare estimation accordingly. So, you can choose the one that meets your demands for that particular ride and book instantly.

With handpicked drivers who have been trained to be professionals, you also get to experience the convenience of a personal chauffeur. Besides, you could also make payment through wallets, credit cards, NFCs and more. To help you board your cab easily, you can track your ride in real-time, talk to the driver, share live location temporarily and do more.

This is the seamless way to travel if you have a pitch meeting coming up with your investors, if you’re on your first date, an interview, a doctor’s appointment or any situation that demands you to travel seamlessly without any hassles and inconveniences.

How We Did It
How We Did It?

Client Requirements

Our client came up to us with a simple idea to help connect fleets of vehicles and those that required a cab. One of the problems persistent with offline cab services is that they refuse to drive shorter distances or that their pricing is too exorbitant for certain rides.

The app we were launching was aimed at eliminating such instances and let commuters experience comfortable rides regardless of the distance. With the app, we also wanted to minimize the wait time for every ride by quickly connecting nearby drivers so users could almost instantly board their cabs and head to wherever they intended to go. The overall goal was also to launch an app that stood out from competition and offered new layers of experiences to users.

The challenge

Connecting drivers with users was the biggest challenge we faced during the development process. Since the founders strongly insisted that the waiting time be less, ensuring commuters found their rides in 3 minutes or less was challenging.

This meant we had to build modules that precisely utilized GPS technology for accurate forecasting. This is from both the driver and the user’s end. Both could meet only if their locations were accurate. We had to ensure GPS calibrated properly in areas where there were several smaller avenues and our users were in one of them.

Care had to be taken for solo travelers and women travelers who wanted to board cabs at night. We had to build emergency modules like SOS alerts, notifications to nearby law enforcement agencies and more to prevent undesirable consequences.

How We Cracked The App

Understanding Client Requirements

To launch an efficient app and to make it serve its purpose, we developed ride-matching algorithms. In this, users would be connected to nearby drivers almost instantly. If there were no vehicles available nearby, drivers who would be soon dropping passengers in the area would be notified earlier about pickups and reach them once their current ride was over. This ensured commuters always had a confirmed ride to wherever they wanted to go.

Developing The Wireframe

We also chose to stay away from demand-based pricing and standardize pricing according to travel time, traffic and driving distances. This helped both drivers and users in the fact that drivers got paid a fair amount for their efforts and users did not spend too much because a route was particularly in demand on a particular day.

Developing The Product

The end result is an extensive app that people are loving. With users and drivers both having a review feature, we ensured bad experiences for both are eliminated as well. We are consistently working on adding more features to make rides as pleasant as possible for everyone involved.


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