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Cryptocurrency Exchange App

What Exactly Is The Cryptocurrency Exchange App

The Cryptocurrency Exchange App is one of the most trusted apps in the market today that allows users to invest and trade in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether and more.

The app offers instantaneous updates to users about price fluctuations to help them make profits with their investments. The crypto trading market is a booming market across the globe and our app serves as the most ideal platform for both beginners and veterans to trade on cryptocurrencies and earn money.

With a built-in digital wallet, users can add funds to the app and trade in their preferred cryptocurrencies. They can build a dynamic trading portfolio by diversifying their investments as well. The app features all tradable currencies and is the first to add new coins and currencies in its arsenal as and when they hit the market.

Besides basic trading functionalities, the app also offers trading tools and metrics that allow traders to make informed investment decisions. They also get price alerts and crypto news as push notifications to stay updated about the crypto world.

With the future being crypto, our app functions at the center of evolution, backing up user investments with the most advanced and sophisticated tech stacks and technologies.

How We Did It
How We Did It?

Client Requirements

Considering the fact that the world of trading is quite daunting initially, our clients came to us with an aim to shatter this convention. They had a clear understanding that millennials and the subsequent generations were keen on earning passive income through trading and cryptocurrencies and they wanted to launch an app that was perfect for beginners to get started with trading and all of its intricacies.

At the same time, the app aspired to offer the technicalities for veterans to invest and earn profits as well. With such a holistic approach, the onus to develop a solid crypto trading app was on us.

The challenge

Crypto trading is very volatile. For the uninitiated, price fluctuations in the crypto market could be polar. Statistics have shown that there has been growth as high as 1000% in this spectrum. So, every second counts for crypto traders. And unlike stock trading, crypto trading is not restricted to just 5 days a week for a fixed time. It is perpetual, operating 24X7. This means that serious traders have the app opened at all times.

The first challenge in our list was building a trading infrastructure that reflected fluctuations in real-time. This translated to the fact that the platform was supposed to handle market dynamics and seamlessly reflect the same to users.

Next, security and safety was crucial too. People would be investing their life savings and hard-earned money in cryptocurrencies. So, we had to ensure our tech stack was as airtight as possible and that all security compliances were met.

Lastly, solid algorithms had to be built to give trading insights to users and make use of historical data to give traders an idea of how they could diversify their portfolio and investments.

How We Cracked The App

Understanding Client Requirements

We assembled a team of blockchain developers and crypto veterans and worked in tandem with the development team to develop and launch a holistic app. Since we had worked on trading apps before, we deployed a similar architecture as the backend for crypto trading to operate on.

Developing The Wireframe

With the backend taken care of, we designed a powerful dashboard to help users add and withdraw funds, get insights on their profits, a glimpse of their portfolio, opportunities and more. We also let them set price alerts for their preferred cryptocurrencies so they could buy or sell when a particular price range was met.

Developing The Product

Thanks to all the efforts from our team, we were able to develop a rock-solid cryptocurrency trading app for both iOS and Android users. A web version of the app was also launched after popular demand. The app is gradually fetching massive volumes of users from around the world and is on its way to become an editor’s choice across app platforms.

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