On-demand Healthcare Diagnosis, Consultation And Prognosis From Wherever You Are

On-demand Healthcare Diagnosis

What Is The Doctor Consulting App?

The need for efficient healthcare is needed more than ever now. Across frontiers and geographical locations, people have the fundamental right to access airtight healthcare services. To take healthcare where it is supposed to be and to facilitate seamless healthcare services across the nation, the Doctor Consulting App is finally here.

The app allows users to login and search for their preferred doctor, physician or healthcare service provider based on their concerns and ailments. Once they zero-in on their doctor, they can immediately book a virtual consultation session and get treated for their problems. The app supports voice and video calls to connect doctors and patients.

It even allows doctors to prescribe medicines through e-prescriptions. With integrated EHR modules, patients can instantly share their healthcare data with doctors for them to better understand patient history for personalized medication and healthcare delivery. With the app, patients can also book appointments for in-person visits and schedule tests across diagnostic centres. They receive personalized reminders as well.

Precision healthcare is inevitable today and the Doctor Consulting App delivers this in the most practical ways possible.

How We Did It
How We Did It?

Client Requirements

One of the first requirements presented to us by the client was to allow users to seamlessly connect with doctors and schedule virtual consultation sessions. The aim was to eliminate the need for patients to step out frequently for repeated consultation and prognosis and yet experience the same healthcare services as they would in person. The app integrates several elements and modules to achieve this and even deploys artificial intelligence modules for advanced service deliveries such as for heart rate monitoring with wearables and more.

The challenge

While developing the frontend and backend was very much doable as we have extensive experience developing telehealth apps, the challenge was to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of patient data. For the uninitiated, healthcare data contains some of the most sensitive and personal information about individuals such as their diseases and concerns, allergies, contact details, payment details, blood group and more.

Such details are present on EHRs as well. That’s why it is a sensitive road to tread on. Even a single security loophole could lead to breach of data and ultimately end up in legal consequences. So, adequate steps had to be taken during and after development processes.

How We Cracked The App

Understanding Client Requirements

Because we have healthcare subject matter experts in house, we ensured we adhered to every single protocol and compliance dictated by HIPAA, GDPR and more. We deployed data de-identification best practices to dissociate personal details from healthcare data and make only relevant data interoperable to healthcare service providers.

Developing The Wireframe

With the crucial portion taken care of, we also developed an airtight virtual conferencing module that allowed doctors and patients to interact without any hurdles and distractions. With a neat UI and features like doctor rating system, search and filter options, modifiable appointments, chatbot support and more, we were able to launch a solid healthcare app the market deserves.


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