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Education App

What Exactly Is The Education App?

Education is unlike anything that was prevalent a few years ago. It has evolved drastically by adopting technology and its offerings to provide students and learners with the best of materials, resources and content for a wholesome learning experience. With technology, education has also reached the masses in remote locations, who have been struggling to get good access to classrooms and course materials.

To connect learners from around the world and to turn the dream of education to everyone a reality arrives the Education App. It’s a one of a kind app that facilitates learning through interactive techniques. Students and learners can sign up and fill in their details such as their class details and learning objectives.

The app then curates high-quality resources and materials for them to learn and then provides them with assessments to validate and track their learning and progress. A detailed chart is also presented to them and their parents for real-time insights.

The app features a range of high-quality videos, graphical illustrations, rich content, infographics and more for more immersive learning. With AI, the app also keeps track of the individual performances of students and charts a personalized learning plan for them.

The app is designed to instill competency in students and prepare them for their future roles of being entrepreneurs, free thinkers, managers and more.

How We Did It
How We Did It?

Client Requirements

After going through our incredible portfolio of apps, our clients decided to collaborate with us for the development of their education app they had in mind. On paper, the app was ambitious with the incorporation of concepts like machine learning, deep learning and more. They wanted to deliver an app that not just complemented students’ academic goals but prepared them for life in general.

They wanted to increase the confidence levels in their kids, become better thinkers and problem solvers, communicate and articulate their ideas and solutions better and more. To translate all this into an app with a myriad of functions and modules was on us.

The challenge

Like we mentioned, the goal was set and seemed pretty simple but getting there was the tough part. While the basic functions of the app such as different profiles for students, teachers and parents, course content, curriculum, assessment and assignment modules and more could be built and deployed, the challenge was in developing the app’s USPs.

The first USP was the personalized learning curve, where the app kept individual strengths and weaknesses of students and recommended course content accordingly. The second USP was the in-app interactive solutions like video conferencing with teachers to get their questions answered. Also, deploying modules to test the impact of learning was tough as it was something the market had not witnessed before.

How We Cracked The App

Understanding Client Requirements

We brought in some of the most prominent educators from across different subjects and got them to design learning models from scratch. From question banks and assignments to distinct learning objectives and applications, we had them design content for them all.

Developing The Wireframe

Next, we developed a deep learning algorithm to let the app develop new neural paths based on student performance and learning. For instance, the app was developed to get an idea that a student was weak at solving trigonometry problems after an analysis of their assessments. Once this was identified, the app autonomously curated more problems and examples from the topic to aid the student in learning and grasping concepts better.

So, at no two points did the students have the same learning curve at the same time.

Developing The Product

Finally, we also deployed concepts like gamification to bring in engagement among students in learning and make the whole process fun. With reward points and leaderboards, we let the app foster a healthy spirit of competition.

Testing And Launch

The app has proven to be a game-changer in the lives of students, where they have not only fared well in academics but in the real-world as well. They are proactive, confident and take any challenge with the determination to find a solution by themselves - just what the world deserves tomorrow.

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