Getting Your Favorite Delicacy Delivered Home Just Got Simpler And Immersive With Food Delivery App

Food Delivery App

What Is a Food Delivery App?

Food Delivery App is the most convenient solution for users to put a quick end to their hunger, cravings or both by ordering their favorite food and beverages from their preferred restaurants online.

The app is designed to show all partner restaurants in users’ vicinity, spoiling them with choices on satiating their palate. In less than 3 steps, users can choose, customize and order their food item and get it delivered to wherever they want. They can also add specific restaurants or food items as their favorites to order instantly the next time.

As they wait, they can also track the delivery of their order in real-time. Apart from using regular features in a food delivery app like search, sort, filter and more, we went a step further. We let users have an immersive experience by using AR filters to have a real-time preview of their meal. They can use discount coupons and vouchers, get instant support, order groceries and essentials, use digital wallets and do more on the app.

The app is also equipped to deal with recent concerns like Covid-19 through solutions such as no contact delivery, doorstep delivery, curb-side pick up, delivery agent temperature checks and more.

Food Delivery App
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How We Cracked The App
How We Cracked The App

Client Requirements

Our client was clear with their requirements. They understood the clutter in the market with respect to food delivery apps. They wanted a seamless app with AR functionalities that allowed people to spend minimal time on ordering their food and get back to doing their work.

The challenge

Breaking the clutter and monotony and shattering conventions were the real challenges here. While intuitive UI would do the job of making the app stand out from competition, it needed something more. The challenge also lay in implementing AR without slowing down the app’s performance. Besides, a solid AI-powered chatbot had to be implemented for swift conflict resolution considering we were dealing with food and ultimately human emotions.

The Solution

After a series of brainstorming sessions and war room meetings, we realized the backend was the crucial aspect here. With AR functionalities, there had to be seamless transmission of data between a device’s camera and AR modules. So, we built the respective systems and let it out among a few trusted stakeholders in our development community.

Their feedback and experience using the app offered us newer insights on how we could optimize the app’s performance and overall experience it delivered to end users. We bridged the gap between the goal we had with the app and what it offered ultimately.

We also reverse engineered the UX part by understanding customer pain points when using a food delivery app and made ours more airtight with zero loopholes. The end result is the Food Delivery App, which is now serving thousands of customers as you read with their favorite delicacies regardless of time of the day. Have you tried it yet?

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How We Work

Understanding Client Requirements

The finest apps ever built and launched have one thing in common - they all have a proper vision and purpose. That’s why our first step is to understand the goal and idea clients have with their app. We then refine them into micro requirements and move on to next steps like understanding the target audience, working on tech stack and more.

Developing The Wireframe

Once we are on the same page with clients, we start developing the fundamental wireframe for the project. We define color psychology, design hierarchy, intuitive navigation and other design elements here to ensure we empathize with users and let them accomplish their tasks with minimal efforts in engaging ways.

Developing The Product

When clients approve the wireframe, we commence the actual development of the product. We deploy DevOps methodologies to ensure consistent deliveries and real-time updates. We have space for scope creep as well in case clients want to pivot or add/remove modules and features.

Testing And Launch

We repeatedly test our apps and pass them through rigorous quality assurance programs. From checking copies and design to testing app features and functionalities, we ensure an app is as close to perfect as it gets. Once all boxes are ticked, we launch the app.

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