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What Exactly Is The Home Services App?

It’s always tough to find that one expert plumber, electrician or any other home services provider just when we need them. When the pipe’s leaking, the refrigerator is broken or when the furniture needs to be fixed, we end up making innumerable calls to people we know and don’t know for recommendations.

Thankfully, the Home Services app arrives to put an end to all such hassles as you can now search and schedule appointments with your preferred provider in seconds. Based on your requirements, you can search for a service provider, have a look at their ratings and reviews, get on a call with them and schedule appointments for a visit.

They would arrive at the right time and attend to your utility needs. You can also choose to pay through the app using digital wallets or cards. The app saves you from all the inconveniences of making repeated calls and getting professionals on time, specifically when you’re on a tight schedule.

Besides, with the app, you can also look for ancillary services such as beauty treatments, home cleaning, pest control, hairdressing and more and avail your preferred services right from the comfort of your home. The app curates only professionals with verified work experiences and credentials. The service providers also carry all the necessary equipment to do their tasks and ensure the work gets done at one go.

To experience the awesomeness of the app, you only need to try it once.

How We Did It
How We Did It?

Client Requirements

The market segment of home services is still nascent and untapped. With the right app, one can establish a solid presence in the domain and arrive as a pioneer in the space. This is exactly what our clients wanted to do with the Home Services App. They wanted to roll out an app that covered most of the home services out there and offer users ultimate convenience and help them save time.

The brief was to develop an app that allowed users to instantly look for experts and appoint them for a task; in less than 3 steps.

The challenge

With the business side of on-boarding professionals taken care of by our client, we had the job of developing an aggregator app from scratch. The app had to handle multiple users and tasks and offer a host of features to users. From sorting through the profiles of professionals through contacting them through calls and scheduling appointments, the app had to process every single task seamlessly.

The challenge also lay in ensuring communication between vendors and users happened on the app to avoid the business model from getting a hit. There was a fine line we had to balance. Considering the scale of people involved, we had to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of personal data as well. There was also a major challenge in verifying the profiles of professionals to ensure our ecosystem was devoid of threats and concerns to our users and vice versa.

How We Cracked The App

Understanding Client Requirements

With our previous experience of developing solid marketplace aggregator apps, we worked on the wireframe from scratch and rolled out an MVP for testing and validation purposes. We assessed if the backend could withstand multiple profiles, roles, accesses and other crucial features for its basic functioning.

Developing The Wireframe

Once this was verified, we developed the full-fledged app and deployed a neat UI for intuitive usage. The app’s flow was cohesive for users to proceed from one step of the process to the next in terms of finding and appointing professionals.

Developing The Product

We also implemented a solid verification process to ensure the best talent with the right ethics and attitude was on board on the app. The result of all our efforts translated into the app performing exceptionally well in the market. The app penetrated through the urban population, lending them expert services at the time convenient to them.

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