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Movie Streaming App

What Is a Movie Streaming App?

This is the age of meaningful and impactful entertainment coming in through our portable devices in the form of movies, web series, limited series and more. At a time when cinema becomes a personal interaction with an audience, it wouldn’t be surprising that aspiring business people wouldn’t want to turn this into an enriching experience and a profitable business.

One such aspirant approached us with an idea for a movie streaming app. The Movie Streaming App was launched as a result of the collaboration between them and us as development partners.

The app is designed and developed by movie buffs who have been looking to deliver new and effective ways to watch and consume movies. The app delivers a seamless experience in the form of audio and video quality and boasts of an incredible selection of movies and films across genres and languages.

From K-drama to regional bests and film festival selections, there is not a category you wouldn’t find on the app. The best part is that the app features tons of trivia handpicked and curated by cinema lovers around the world for more immersive experiences. Besides, it offers subtitles and the feature to upload your own subtitles based on your language preferences.

How We Did It
How We Did It?

The Idea

The idea for the app was simple. A seamless movie streaming app had to be developed that had the ability to deliver exceptional video quality even under limited connectivity for uninterrupted movie-watching experience. It also has to recommend movies based on user interests and preferences for retention.

The challenge

Both the visions the client had were challenging in their own ways. Firstly, developing an app that delivered uninterrupted streaming experience even under limited internet bandwidth was difficult. Under the hood, several modules had to be tweaked and compression mechanisms had to be developed and deployed.

Besides, building a recommendation engine was a sweet challenge as well. The idea is to keep learning from user activities and consistently develop new artificial neurons to understand users better and match them with movies they are most likely to watch. This could be based on a genre, director, actors, music director, period, duration and more.

How We Cracked The App

Understanding Client Requirements

We developed and tested new compression algorithms to ensure lag-free viewing experience without turning videos into pixels under low internet connectivity. We also developed machine learning and deep learning algorithms to learn from user preferences and recommend ideal movies. We trained the modules with adequate training data and ensured the AI was ready to be taken live with real-world datasets and actions.

Developing The Wireframe

We repeatedly tested the app and found out the AI was picking up patterns and suggesting movies accordingly. We also implemented spatial audio features to offer more immersive experiences to audiophiles as well. As far as UI is concerned, we kept it intuitive and minimal with a 3-color interface. Thumbnails of movies were presented neatly and classified according to diverse parameters, search and sort filters were integrated, trivia modules were pushed and more.

Developing The Product

The app also was loaded with an individual profile for different users. Push notifications for movie reminders and updates were also rolled out.

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