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What Exactly Is The Real Estate App?

The real estate industry has always been a perennially prosperous industry. However, a lot of conventional practices still prevail when it comes to buying and selling properties. While they make the ecosystem functional, there are still shortcomings and discomfort experienced by property owners, buyers, brokers and more. To streamline the entire process of buying and selling properties and to make house-hunting exciting arrives the Real Estate App.

With the app, you can search for your preferred properties to buy, sell, rent or lease based on your requirements. You could sort and filter through listings, contact owners, schedule appointments for visits, get to know the neighborhood and do more on the app. While this is still regular, the app adds a unique twist to your experience.

When you schedule property visits, you can first choose to explore the property virtually through AR and VR technologies integrated into the app. You can explore the entire property virtually from the app, understand if it meets your tastes and preferences and then schedule a physical property visit. This saves not just your time but that of property owners’ as well.

Besides, this app also integrates several real-estate specific features and functionalities such as checking your credit score and mortgaging eligibility, applying for loans and mortgages, consultation with real estate professionals and more. This holistic app is ideal for both buyers and sellers, who are looking to simplify or eliminate the hassle involved in real estate.

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How We Did It
How We Did It?

Client Requirements

Real estate transactions and processes are time-consuming. There are tons of paperwork involved and there are also factors that invariably extend the chances of closing a real estate deal. This involves finding time to visit properties, zeroing-in on a select few properties, getting approvals from families and friends and more.

If users had to dedicate time for each segment of the process, it would take forever for a property to sell. That’s why our clients wanted to bring in a VR feature to drastically minimize time and cut to the part where users decide on finalizing properties. Apart from this additional feature that’s also the app’s USP, they wanted to retain the essentials of a real estate app users are familiar with in the market.

The challenge

The first challenge was that we had to remove multiple entries or duplicate entries of properties from search results. There is nothing more frustrating for users than getting the same search results over and over again.

Since real estate decisions are first influenced by what users see on their screen, we had to ensure property owners took quality photos of their houses or assets and uploaded them to the app. Manually verifying would consume a lot of time as well. So, we had to come up with a workaround for the process.

The most challenging task in the app development process was the incorporation of a virtual reality module to assist people get on a virtual visit to their preferred property. The experience should not only be glitch-free but serve the purpose of impressing buyers as well.

360 degree property view
Nearby Taxis On Map
Advertising Management
Set Pickup Location
Category Management
Send Ride Request
Live Tracking For Ride
In-app sharing
Ratings & Reviews
Property Listing-Comparison
Transaction History
Set Availability For Ride Requests
User Management
Vendor Management
Push Notifications
View Vendor Details
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How We Cracked The App

Understanding Client Requirements

To eliminate duplication of property listings, we deployed a few lines of validation codes. On the other hand, to ensure owners uploaded quality images, we developed an automation system that verified the file properties of an uploaded image in terms of pixel ratios, file size, format and more. When certain conditions did not meet, the system would automatically reject images.

Developing The Wireframe

When it came to developing a VR module, we brought together a team of VR specialists and coders who stitched property images together and worked magic in terms of putting users at the center of properties virtually, allowing them the freedom to explore houses and villas.

Developing The Product

Apart from these, we also developed the regular app features such as individual profiles for different users such as owners, buyers, brokers and more. We integrated services from mortgage companies as well to offer an end to end solution to users.

Testing And Launch

Today, the app is garnering new users every single day and helping owners and buyers sell and find their dream properties.

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