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Smart Home App

What Is a Smart Home App?

As house owners, we are constantly on the lookout for just two things - convenience and security. We want the best and comfortable facilities at our house and at the same time ensure our assets and properties are safe and secure when we are on our vacation or even work.

Crippling anxiety fills in our mind when we are away from our home for extended periods of time. To put an end to such paranoia arrives the ultimate home automation solution called the Smart Home App. The app is powered by IoT infrastructure, connecting smart devices and peripherals into one unified solution.

With the app, you can work magic in your home. You could turn on or off your lights, change temperature in thermostats and air conditioners, seamlessly use other electronic devices through your app or even change the hues and brightness of your illumination systems.

You can also surveill your home by connecting your CCTV camera and view real-time feed from your smartphone or any portable device the app is installed on. When you are away, you can even automate the functionalities of your appliances and electrical devices such as lights through the app.

The app is definitely a lifestyle upgrade and is inevitable in all aspects.

How We Did It
How We Did It?

Client Requirements

Our client approached us with an intention to develop and launch a solid home automation solution that had all the latest and sophisticated technologies prevailing today. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to analytics and IoT, the intention was to offer the best of technology to our users to let them accomplish everyday tasks in their home with zero to minimal efforts.

The challenge

We were building an IoT ecosystem from scratch. This was the biggest challenge in our hands. If you didn’t know, IoT is an amalgamation of multiple devices and peripherals such as sensors, embedded systems, edge computers and more with each working in its own set of protocols and architecture. With every addition to the ecosystem, we had to ensure the devices were compatible with each other and that if they would function properly in tandem with each other.

We also had to configure the network accordingly to facilitate seamless data transmission across devices and frontend modules. Talking about frontend modules, developing an airtight app was a challenging task in itself.

We had to ensure data privacy and security as even a single vulnerability or loophole could compromise the integrity of an entire network. Besides, data gathered from across multiple sources also had to be properly visualized for users to make informed decisions. With AI and predictive analytics, additional insights also had to be processed and presented while simultaneously consuming minimal power and bandwidth.

How We Cracked The App

Understanding Client Requirements

We brought in IoT architecture specialists and SMEs to develop a custom home automation solution. From testing hardware and devices manually to developing a tailored app for the ecosystem, we went an extra mile in equipping the system with the best features and functionalities.

Developing The Wireframe

We built the frontend and backend modules and ran repeated tests such as compatibility testing, usability testing, scalability testing, security testing and more to ensure the app and the entire solution was airtight in every possible way.

Developing The Product

For the convenience of users, we also provided a solid dashboard with one admin access and multiple user access for personalized settings across rooms. Visualization modules were deployed for pattern detection and recommendations were offered to users for more immersive experiences.

Testing And Launch

The end result was the launch of a reliable app users could blindly believe no matter if they stayed at home or were away for a while.

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