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The Social App

What Exactly Is The Social App?

Being social animals, we as humans crave companionship. There is an innate urge to form circles, be part of groups and have social commitments. Unfortunately, a lot of us are introverts or socially awkward, too. Meeting and developing new friendships and relationships sounds too distant for most of us.

Thankfully, the Social app is here to be your companion in finding new friends and relationships. The app allows you to sign up using your credentials and look for people based on your interests, tastes and preferences and vicinity. On the app, you can be part of topics and concepts that excite you as well. If heavy metal or anime is your go-to relief, you will find tons of people having a taste like yours.

The app also makes it easy to connect with people and send messages. All our profiles are verified for authenticity and our AI algorithms do an excellent job of matching people with similar interests and hobbies. With prompts and questions, you also get to know people before you connect with them.

The app believes that it’s never too late to form new friendships and relationships and acts as the first step towards long-term companionship. Our app also features several success stories, where people have met their life partners or have found that circle they comfortably fit in.

You’re just one step away from having the social life you’ve dreamed of. So, get out there and have some fun, making genuine connections along the way. Are you game?

How We Did It
How We Did It?

Client Requirements

When we were approached by our clients to be their ideal app development partner, they presented to us a clear strategy on how they intended to place the app in the market. They pointed out that most of the social/dating apps currently available were for extroverts in general. They wanted to stand out from the crowd and offer a convenient opportunity for introverts to form social connections without feeling paranoid or uncomfortable about it.

The result is the app loaded with introvert-friendly features that gives individuals their space and yet allow them to collectively mingle and have fun.

The challenge

This was unlike the other social apps we’ve worked on before. The niche was super-refined and precise. So, we had to strategize the development plans from scratch to ensure the app served its purpose and not just end up being a marketing gimmick.

So, the first module we built was the AI-powered recommendation engine that matched people with others based on their profiles, beliefs and interests. The next challenge in our path was scrutinizing apps for their authenticity. The concern with social apps is that it’s easy for anyone to create a fake profile and indulge in malicious activities. More fake profiles than genuine ones also meant that user experience was at stake. So, we really had to work on eliminating such profiles from our system and facilitate genuine conversations and connections.

The last challenge was the development of the UI itself. There are apps that follow a swipe mechanism and there are those with scroll mechanisms, too. We had to develop a new way for people to connect and interact with.

How We Cracked The App

Understanding Client Requirements

Building a recommendation system was easy. Our team of machine learning developers promptly rolled out algorithms that precisely matched profiles just the way we wanted them to.

Developing The Wireframe

When it came to eliminating fake profiles, we built a solid two-step verification process. This involved a hybrid model of both automation and human-intervened verification processes. We asked users to capture their images and upload them for verification purposes. We also got a copy of one of their government-approved IDs as part of KYC. When our bots found matched their profile pictures with the ones they’ve uploaded for verification purposes, they passed profiles as genuine.

Developing The Product

Whenever there was a discrepancy, our team of support executives intervened and manually verified profiles. Right now, our algorithms have advanced to the extent that they can automatically detect fake profiles when they are being created and instantly removed or banned. We are proud to share that our ecosystem is one of the cleanest in the social media app currently.

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