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Sports Fantasy App

What Exactly Is The Sports Fantasy App?

Gone are the days players and sports lovers had to be passive viewers of their favorite sporting events. Today, technology allows them to be at the center of all action and lets them take charge of teams like they own them with fantasy apps.

The fantasy sports app is designed for sports enthusiasts, where users can find a sport they love and indulge in creating their own fantasy teams and have an immersive gaming experience like never before. We have sections for football lovers, cricket fans, hockey enthusiasts, basketball fanatics and more.

The app allows users to keep a track of over 1000 players, execute mock drafts, personalize mock drafts and do more. Besides, the app also gathers data from diverse touchpoints for a more engaging fantasy app experience.

With a builtin digital wallet, users can also deposit money for payments and use the same to withdraw funds as well. The app boasts of a robust architecture and technology to ensure all your transactions and data are safe and secured.

The app lets you have more reasons to cheer for your favorite team - the one that only exists in your own world and love your favorite sports for simply the joy of it. Come be part of a virtual universe, where sports come alive just like your dreams

To experience the awesomeness of the app, you only need to try it once.

How We Did It
How We Did It?

Client Requirements

Building a sports fantasy app has always been a passion of ours and we were just waiting for the right opportunity to knock on our doors. When our client approached us with the idea, we took no time to take it up.

The client shared that the app was supposed to be really simple to use with the most seamless user interface. It should also be fun in a non-addicting way so people had a healthy relationship with the app and sports in general. The features we brainstormed were also designed to be exciting and immersive, literally putting players in the middle of all sporting madness.

“A fan must feel like they own their teams,” read the last line of our brief.

The challenge

The major challenge in the app development process was developing the module that supported the building of dream teams by users. For the uninitiated, the module is more like a bridge that connects virtual and real worlds together. The performances of players in the real world influenced their standings in the virtual world and ultimately the rankings and performances of fantasy teams.

This reflection had to be in real time for the most heated gaming sessions. Besides, handling traffic was also a major concern because before and during game days, the app witnessed insane surges in user traffic. So, any lag in the app performance could lead to players losing matches and in turn money.

Speaking of money, we also had to integrate a dedicated wallet for users to safely and securely transact money for in-app purchases and experiences. Overall, the technical aspects associated with the app development were quite challenging.

How We Cracked The App

Understanding Client Requirements

We deployed the most superior tech infrastructure, cloud technology, algorithms and tech concepts to connect both worlds together for a unified experience. We also kept the UI of the app simple without removing the fun elements. The colors and sounds of the app to make them exciting and impulsive were retained but we ensured they did not fall heavily on app’s performance.

Developing The Wireframe

We also optimized our rewarding systems and deployed the highest possible encryption standards for our digital wallets. To handle huge traffic, we incorporated additional servers so the app’s uptime was on perpetually.

Developing The Product

The result is the launch of the most fun and immersive sports fantasy app in the market.

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