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Wearable Solutions App

What Exactly Is the Wearable Solutions App?

Wearable technology is the latest innovation in the information age. Wearable devices are fast becoming extensions of the human body and anatomy, performing crucial functions aimed at optimizing health and general wellbeing.

The Wearable Solutions app is aimed at achieving this and more through its proactive AI modules. The app connects to your wearable device and consistently keeps track of all your vitals such as heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2 and more to give you detailed visualized insights on your body’s health.

The app’s built-in functionalities also enable it to send notifications to doctors registered on your app when it detects anomalies in your body. Besides, the app lets you track all your activities such as walking, cycling, sports, steps and more and gives you insights on distance covered, altitude gained, calories burned and more.

The app learns from your activities and lifestyle and curates personalized diet plans and activities to help you stay away from a sedentary lifestyle. It also goes a step further and lets you conveniently schedule appointments with physicians and dentists for regular checkups.

The app is an end to end solution designed to offer you reliable ways to monitor and manage your health and ultimately your life.

How We Did It
How We Did It?

Client Requirements

Developing an app for an IoT ecosystem is not something new to us. We have worked on diverse IoT projects like home automation solutions, industrial implementations and more. However, combining health and IoT was something new.

The clients wanted to launch an app that was unlike anything in the market. While the existing apps only tracked and maintained activities and records, the apps were still passive in their functionality. We wanted to break that and empower the app with the abilities to do something more. That’s why we wanted to deploy predictive analytics, proactive AI, partial mHealth functions and more on the app.

The challenge

When it comes to the development of an IoT-based app, the major challenge lies in streamlining data transmission from wearable devices and sensors to the app for data crunching and processing. The device and app could serve their purposes only when data is translated into information in real time.

All activities had to be tracked and presented without any lag or glitches. A single moment of delay could compel users to lose trust in the brand. So, the backend should be as powerful as possible. Besides, the challenge also lay in the process of integrating mHealth modules into the app’s core functionalities.

This had to be backed by machine learning algorithms that would keep learning from data and detecting patterns to identify anomalies and trigger incident responses.

How We Cracked The App

Understanding Client Requirements

We first worked on the backend to ensure it was capable of handling data transmission regardless of the condition of the sensor and connectivity. Once this was configured, we developed visualization modules to help users make sense of the data collected. This was backed by a neat UI that presented information in layperson terms.

Developing The Wireframe

We also developed machine learning models to support our predictive and prescriptive analytics ambitions and instill the ability for automated mHealth functionalities. After testing the app across diverse scenarios and conditions, we were sure of the stability of the app.

Developing The Product

We then implemented data integrity protocols to ensure user data was safe and secure and that all loopholes and vulnerabilities were patched. The app is now an ideal companion for fitness enthusiasts, sports people, the elderly and more.

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