Deliver Your Services with High Velocity with Strategic DevOps Implementation

Gtech DevOps consulting services targets propelling organizations' existing cloud operations and giving them a boost to build more resilient and faster systems. With effective DevOps implementation, you can align your development and operational teams leading to more productive outcomes highlighted with cost-efficiency.

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DevOps Implementation
DevOps Strategy Consulting

DevOps Strategy Consulting Services to Transform your Business

At Gtech, we follow the best-in-industry DevOps practices for delivering high-quality output and bringing the advantage of automation in your operations.

End-to-End DevOps Implementation: We can help you improve the development lifecycle by adopting automated processing and applying the best possible infrastructure, and using CI/CD pipelines.

DevOps Project Recovery Consultation: Besides implementation, our DevOps consulting firm can help you identify and fix collaboration issues along with finding the gaps between the existing DevOps tools and methodologies.

Continuous Integration and Delivery: We ensure that your organization follows rapid delivery cycles to promote a high-quality development pipeline providing effective release of the required features.

Industries Our DevOps Consulting Company has Covered

Regardless of the industry and sector, every organization can benefit from DevOps development consulting. As it can streamline the workflow,
implementing DevOps reduces the time-to-market and lends more flexibility to make the solution adaptive and scalable.

  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Health and Fitness
  • Real Estate
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • eCommerce
  • On-Demand Solutions
Logistics and Transportation

Tools and Technologies We Recommend with
our DevOps Consulting Services

Tools and Technologies
  • Cloud and Infrastructure Management: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS.
  • Containerization: Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Multi-Cloud Deployment: Terraform, ARM, AWS Cloud Formation.
  • Frameworks: DataDog and ELK Stack.
  • Configuration Management: CHEF, Puppet, Ansible.
  • CI/CD: Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Bamboo
  • Coding and Scripture: PowerShell, Python, Perl.
  • Database: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL.

Harnessing the True Power of DevOps for Efficient Development & Processes

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DevOps Consulting Services Provisioning

Gtech’s DevOps Consulting Services Provisioning

One of the key aspects of DevOps implementation is creating a synergy between different departments and stakeholders. We help companies maintain business continuity supported with DevOps-led automation. At Gtech, we provide Continuous Planning led by understanding the business-specific goals with an aim to reduce redundancies.

Then we move on to Continuous Integration helping the developers understand the user’s needs from an operational perspective. Automated testing is integral to DevOps implementation while taking care of the overall quality. Lastly, there is Continuous Deployment leading the way with automated updates released to the users.

Why Go for DevOps Implementation?

As a leading DevOps consulting company in the industry, we recommend our clients adopt this technology. Some of the major benefits of DevOps implementation include optimizing the operational cost along with eliminating recurring tasks.

Our DevOps development consulting also focuses on enhancing your deployment rate and helps build an error-free environment underlined with operational efficiency. DevOps helps make the entire ecosystem more secure and adaptive further building a reliable structure.

With effective DevOps implementation from Gtech, you will also get more speed, which means you can quickly create customer-ready solutions and adapt to the market changes. We will help you improve the application quality making it more reliable and building positive user experiences.

and higher revenue generation as the business grows.

Why Go for DevOps Implementation?

A Glimpse Of Collaboration: How We Work

To become one of the best website development companies is not easy. To maintain our standards and deliver
services and experiences the way we intend to, we deploy a systematic collaboration process of 7 steps.

Ideation And Discussion

We begin by discussing your project ideas and understanding your requirements and scope of project.

Research And Define

Once we receive your inputs and expectations, we commence our work on charting a roadmap for your project that is completely unique.

Initial Design

Once approved, the work on developing wireframes and UI begins from our side. We keep you on the loop for all updates.


When you approve the wireframe, we kicstart the full-fledged web development process. Our developers love this phase.

Testing And Optimization

Once we develop your solution, we consistently test it for performance, compatibility, scalability and more and validate UI and experiences. We consistently optimize it for the best performance.

Live And Deployment

When you wave the green flag after your internal validations, we help launch your website or solution and take it live in the market.

Post Launch
Post Launch Services

We constantly keep an eye out for your solution’s performance and user feedback and roll out appropriate patches and upgrades.

Industries We Serve

Web development is not restricted to one particular industry. Functional and seamless websites and solutions are in demand in every other market segment and industry. That’s why our portfolio boasts of projects across verticals like:


1. Why is DevOps important for the current development environment?

DevOps is one of the main ingredients that will take any company forward in the current work environment. Companies looking for an adaptive solution to improve every part of their value chain need a transforming technology. DevOps is one of those systems helping them move forward with speed and efficiency.

2.What are the best DevOps Implementation practices?

3.What are DevOps Tools?


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