Fixed Cost Process

Building software solutions and products often involves scope creep and cost risk factors. But not with Gtech! Our expertly orchestrated Fixed Cost Process makes it easier for you to stay in line with cost expectations and manage projects with cost-efficiency.


The first step is to understand your project better in terms of technical feasibility, your business goals and your market.

Our consultation is aimed at;

Solidifying your business idea or project needs

Shape the idea for better adaptability and execution

Define the scope, size and semantics of your project

Phase the project into achievable milestones

Reach consensus on technical and business outcomes of the project



Once we know the key details, we can start conceptualizing the project with plans and timelines so that it can be put into production.

Our consultation is aimed at;

Documenting the project objectives in the form of SOW

Agreeing upon the project phases, budgets, delivery timelines

Allocating talent and resources for project fulfilment

Kick-off! Getting stakeholders to unanimously start the project

Scheduling the project as per responsibilities and tasks


In order to help you visualize how the project will look like and get some initial UI/UX iterations flowing, we build project canvases. These are focused at setting clear expectations and getting initial feedback.

Our Canvases is aimed at;

Designing initial prototypes and wireframes

Obtaining feedback from your teams and stakeholders

Iterating and transforming Wireframes into UI/UX elements

Building the Front-end design to obtain fruitful feedback



In the Create phase, the project’s core development work is initiated. This involves developing the solution in sprints with incremental feedback and improvement loops.

Our Create phase is aimed at;

Developing the code-base, repositories and setting up Dev environment

Engaging DevOps engineers for configuring the IT infrastructure

Constantly engaging with the client to keep the sprint progress in check

Moving closer to the Beta version or the PoC


As the solution begins to take shape and is ready for serving real use-cases, it is put through the QA process introduced in the ‘Check’ phase.

Our Check phase is aimed at;

Code review and QA process Entry

Unit and Functional testing for ensuring code-level accuracy

Bug finding and resolving process across various test cases

Second review with UAT sign-off

Getting the code ready for production push



The project is ready to be tested on the live servers where it’ll interact with the real end-users. This phase readies the production environment, monitors the software for defect-free performance.

Our Commence phase is aimed at;

Shifting the code-base and configuring the live servers

Checking for Beta release issues and fixing server bugs

Maintaining the code-base for integrity and future updates

Employing teams for project marketing as per client plans

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