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Why Prefer Flutter App Development

Why Prefer Flutter App Development?

Deployed by companies of all sizes and scales and preferred by market players like Alibaba, The New York Times and more, Flutter has arrived as a preferred alternative to several existing toolkits and programming languages to quickly churn out stable, impactful and super-functional apps for all market domains and verticals.

With our expertise in Flutter application development, you get a powerful solution for your business that lets your customers accomplish more in limited time. So, if you’re at that stage where you’re deciding on the right platform and mobile application development company, we recommend you reach out to a premier Flutter app development company like ours.

Advantages Of Flutter App Development

Optimum Performance

Optimum Performance

Distinguishing between a native app and a cross-platform app developed on Flutter is almost impossible thanks to insane features and functionalities it offers.

Hot Reload

Hot Reload

Developers can now meet stringent deadlines and timeframes with the Hot Reload function that instantly reflects any changes made to the code.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

With the philosophy of code once use anywhere, businesses get to save not only time but on app development expenses as well.

iOS And Android Apps

iOS And Android Apps

Now you have two apps at the price of one with Flutter as it allows you to roll out apps for both iOS and Android systems at once.

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Why Gtech Is Your Most Ideal Flutter App Development Company

Flutter app development is quite tricky. Since it deploys a new programming language called Dart, it comes with a bit of a learning curve as well. It is either hard to find Flutter experts in the market or get them to work on your projects. We have handpicked brains from the industry, specializing in Flutter app development. They work on your project and bring in their competencies to give the perfect shape to your application.

Besides, there are also other solid reasons to collaborate with us.

Highly-skilled Teams

Highly-skilled Teams

It all boils down to the phenomenal team members we have with us working on your projects. The competency they bring to each project is unparalleled and it shows on the final output.

Agile Development Methodologyo

Agile Development Methodology

We are transparent in our operations and deploy modern development methodologies to ensure consistent delivery and updates of Flutter app development solutions. That’s why we are on time in terms of delivery every single time regardless of the time to market.

A Guided Process

A Guided Process

You are never left in the dark with us. At any given point of time, you know what’s happening with your project, at what stage your mobile app is, how it’s functioning and more. With this, we ensure you don’t have to get in touch with our customer support.

Post Launch Services And Assistance

Post Launch Services And Assistance

Our collaboration doesn’t end with your mobile app or product launch. We ensure consistent engagement with you through post launch services such as updates, patches, upgrades and more.

Data Confidentiality

Data Confidentiality

All your details are safe with us and bound by confidentiality clauses and NDAs. If we’re working with sensitive data, we implement data protection protocols and adhere to global standards.

A Glimpse Of Collaboration: How We Work

To become one of the best website development companies is not easy. To maintain our standards and deliver
services and experiences the way we intend to, we deploy a systematic collaboration process of 7 steps.

Ideation And Discussion

We begin by discussing your project ideas and understanding your requirements and scope of project.

Research And Define

Once we receive your inputs and expectations, we commence our work on charting a roadmap for your project that is completely unique.

Initial Design

Once approved, the work on developing wireframes and UI begins from our side. We keep you on the loop for all updates.


When you approve the wireframe, we kicstart the full-fledged web development process. Our developers love this phase.

Testing And Optimization

Once we develop your solution, we consistently test it for performance, compatibility, scalability and more and validate UI and experiences. We consistently optimize it for the best performance.

Live And Deployment

When you wave the green flag after your internal validations, we help launch your website or solution and take it live in the market.

Post Launch
Post Launch Services

We constantly keep an eye out for your solution’s performance and user feedback and roll out appropriate patches and upgrades.

Industries We Serve

Flutter application development is not restricted to one particular industry. Functional and seamless apps and solutions are in demand in every other market segment and industry. That’s why our portfolio boasts of projects across verticals like:


1. Does Flutter really have a future?

While Flutter app development may not be the only tool for developing beautiful cross platform apps in the future, it is likely to be one of the major players. Seeing how Google themselves have been supporting the growth of Flutter by incorporating it in their own UI for their future OS called Fuchsia, Flutter is expected to have a long life in the development world.

2. Is Flutter backend or frontend?

3.Can I use Python in Flutter?


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