Make your Business Smarter with IoT App Development

Transform your Business for the Future with IoT App Development Service

We Build IoT-enabled applications to change the bottom line of your business, making your business progress with Speed. In a world driven by technology, you need to improve your services with the latest technologies delivering a hyper-connected user experience.

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Smart and Customers Smarter with IoT App Development
IoT App Development Services We Offer

IoT App Development Services We Offer

IoT App Development Consultation:

Whether your business needs an IoT-based solution needs a thorough discussion. Before you start spending money, it is better to understand its impact, requirements, potential, and overall impact on your business.

IoT Mobile App Development:

GTech uses the best-in-industry practices and technologies to build your mobile application integrated with IoT components. Our IoT solutions will be targeted to help you in your business expansion.

Wearable Connectivity Development:

Besides IoT app development, we also provide wearable solutions development offering connectivity solutions for your customers and clients.

Ideate, Create and Accelerate the Growth of Your Business with Innovative Mobile Apps that are Designed for Success

Our IoT App Development Services

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Development Services

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Development Services

We blend IoT and artificial intelligence & machine learning to leverage the potential of advanced technologies for creating applications with the purpose to improve the efficiency of your business.

AR VR App Development

AR VR App Development

The infusion of IoT into Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality lets us reimagine the manner an applicated interacts, engages, and communicates with your customers.

DevOps Consulting Service

DevOps Consulting Service

We have the expertise to create and execute IoT-enabled DevOps services to further improvise the software development life cycle and give results to rapid prototyping.

Intelligent UI/UX Combined with Operational Agility in IoT App Development

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IoT App Development Services Integrating Multiple Technologies

IoT or Internet of Things is a comprehensive integration of other progressive technologies to create complete industry-specific solutions.
At GTech, we know the right mix of technologies you need for delivering the best user experience.

  • Bluetooth Application Solutions
  • Location Tracking and Monitoring
  • M2M Communication
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Smart Solutions for House and Office
IoT App Development Services Integrating Multiple Technologies
IoT Mobile App Development Process

Let’s Go Through Our IoT Mobile App Development Process

At GTech, we follow Agile and Scrum development practices starting with an initial discussion about the project and your requirements. This is followed by creating mockups and prototypes, helping you visualize the final output. Our designers and developers work together to ensure a smooth handoff and then work on the coding part of the application.

To ensure the intended results, we undergo rigorous code and application testing followed by deploying the application on the requested platform. Throughout the process, our developers are always reminded of the objectives and motives of building the application.

Mobile IoT App Solutions are Great, but Why Choose GTech?

IoT applications have the potential to propel your business to the next level, provided you work with the right solution. We, at GTech, have proven experience in building high-quality IoT solutions that are capable of connecting the digital and real worlds.

We have dedicated teams of developers and designers having expertise in different development technologies working together to build the best solution for your business. Lastly, we are always punctual with the deliverables and offer a flexible engagement system with competitive pricing.

Mobile IoT App Solutions are Great

Industries We Serve

Web development is not restricted to one particular industry. Functional and seamless websites and solutions are in demand in every other market segment and industry. That’s why our portfolio boasts of projects across verticals like:




Fintech and BFSI



Online Marketplaces

Online Marketplaces




Retail and Supply Chain


Travel and Accommodation and more


Food & Beverage


1. Can you share the programming languages you use for IoT App Development?

Yes. We use different programming languages for IoT mobile app development, including Python, Java, PHP, Swift, among others. But the tech stack is finalized after understanding your requirements.

2. Is IoT app development costlier than other application development types?

3. How much time do you need to build the application?


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