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At Gtech, the secret to excellence is the fun that we all have together from time to time. We keep looking for reasons to celebrate small moments by bringing in fun and thrill. We are developing a culture to make our employees more comfortable working with us.


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Abu Trip One
Green Escapes

Every year we make sure to arrange a picnic that gives all the employees a break-through from the mundane workspace. On 5th June 2021, the company arranged a picnic at a beautiful resort, named Anchal Resort, with all the amenities for the employees.

Abu Trip One
Abu Trip Two
Abu Trip Three
Abu Trip Four
Abu Trip Five
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Diwali One
Diwali Two
Diwali Three
Diwali Four
Diwali Five
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Diwali Celebration – Festive Ferver

We cherish the ferver of all the festivals and thereby celebrate and respect diversity. Indeed, it’s that time once more! Diwali, the Celebration of Lights, we arranged different activities like Housie, Treasure Hunt, CS, and thief!! All folks have happily participated with full of joy. It ends with spirits high by gifting them something noteworthy and interesting.

Christmas Celebration Galore

Jingle all the way!!! Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling. It’s time to Christmas Celebration at office with colleagues who are just like a family. And yes Gtech Web Infotech Pvt. Ltd. can’t miss single festival to celebrate.

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Christmas One
Christmas Two
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Independence One
Independence Two
Independence Three
Independence Four
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Independence Day

It’s Our Pleasure to Celebrate an Independence Day Every Year. At Gtech Web Infotech Pvt. Ltd., We started our day with the ‘National Anthem of India’,’ Jana-Gana-Mana’. And we also decorated our office. Our office environment fills with patriotic feelings. It is the Willingness to help every person and respect humans.

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