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We design secure, flexible, scalable yet tailor made mobile apps that offer seamless user experiences on all digital devices and platforms right at the fingertips of the users. Serving high-performing mobile apps for all business niches, we are an industry-leading mobile application development agency with proficient developers who build both state of the art app infrastructure and jaw dropping user interface and experience.

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Mobile Application Development

Why Do You Need Mobile App Development?

Back in the days, you would advertise yourself with the conventional ways and expect the consumers to reach out to you. The tables have turned completely and now it's the companies who have to reach out to the consumers. This ever rising need to reach the consumers has opened a plethora of opportunities for the digital world.

With the ability to make transactions through mobile devices, the businesses see mobile apps as a key stream for their revenues. There are some businesses that rely solely on digital presence and have ditched the traditional norms of generating revenue. From content to products and services, almost everything is sold online and no matter what your products or services are, you simply cannot miss out on reaching a mammoth volume of consumers.

Here are some reasons why all businesses should get a mobile app developed:

Highly-skilled Teams


The sky is your limit when it comes to reaching your consumers through the internet. The visibility you get through a mobile app is unmatchable compared to the traditional norms of business streams.

Agile Development Methodology


Businesses in the pre-mobile era depended on the consumers to either step out of their house or to get on to a computer. With the evolution of mobile devices, you can now offer your product or services to someone lying on their living room couch or someone watching a movie at a cinema hall. The ease and convenience to offer a business platform through mobile apps is unbelievable.

A Guided Process

Power of data

The data you collect from the behaviour of your consumers on your apps help you in more ways than you can think of. Real time data driven business strategies help you improve every aspect of your business. It not only helps you place your products in a better way but also allows you to leverage on other brands or products if analysed correctly. Apps with higher traffic often offer their platform to other brands to advertise their products or services. This becomes a parallel yet very effective source of revenue.

Post Launch Services And Assistance


The blooming social media has changed how business was done. It is not even a secret that social media apps are the most used apps in the world and businesses can reap the benefits of large content consumption through the inter-connectivity. You can now offer your products or services to all kinds of social media and instant messaging apps and buying your products or services will just be a couple of taps away. Click funnels are a great way to divert consumers directly to your product catalogue.

Data Confidentiality

Cuts down costs

Selling your product or services directly through your app eliminates any need of having a middleman. This helps you provide better offers and to maximise your profits as well. You no longer depend on third party agencies to reach your target consumer base as you have full control and access to the whole channel.

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The Mobile App Development Process that Defines Our Excellence

We aim to design sophisticated apps that not only deliver stunning user experience but also offer highest interoperability. Our strength is our striking balance between the innovative and exciting UX/UI and robust and efficient back-end architecture that offers your users an experience like no other.

Business Analysis and App Strategy

Business Analysis and App Strategy

The managers at our mobile application development company do intense analysis on the project idea to determine all the functional and non-functional needs of the application project. We believe in getting the first step right, that is to understand and document the client needs and we leave no stone unturned in our dialogue with our clients to strategize an optimum and ambitious roadmap.

Product UI/UX Design

Product UI/UX Design

We have a rather simple motto for our mobile application development services that is to design simple, convenient, and comprehensible user interfaces that deliver an efficient and smooth functioning to the user. Design is the key differentiator in today’s world. While we work towards offering innovative UX/UI, we ensure that the wireframe remains minimal and sharp.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

At GTech mobile application development agency we follow agile methodologies and divide the development process into iterations that provide efficient and trackable results and lead to faster development cycles. We have data driven methods to improve our project lifecycle and we not only set ambitious targets, but have developed habits of achieving them.

Application Testing Procedure

Application Testing Procedure

The mobile application development agency at GTech adheres to stringent testing procedures and industry testing standards to provide assured-quality of functional mobile applications, both on Android and iOS platforms. Our intensive and unique testing methods test our products from all ends and derive a wide range of data to optimise the test results and to enhance the app features.

Mobile App Deployment

Mobile App Deployment

We oversee all the critical aspects of successful deployment of the mobile app on client-server and app stores. The seamless deployment and launch is crucial for the application. GTech’s mobile application development company experts excel in the quick and effortless deployment of apps.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Responsive and productive support is very essential for any mobile application development agency. When the development team hands over the baton to the support team, we keep all our guards ready to offer offer 24*7 support and maintenance services after the successful development and deployment of your app and remain ignited for success.

A Glimpse Of Collaboration: How We Work

To become one of the best website development companies is not easy. To maintain our standards and deliver
services and experiences the way we intend to, we deploy a systematic collaboration process of 7 steps.

Ideation And Discussion

We begin by discussing your project ideas and understanding your requirements and scope of project.

Research And Define

Once we receive your inputs and expectations, we commence our work on charting a roadmap for your project that is completely unique.

Initial Design

Once approved, the work on developing wireframes and UI begins from our side. We keep you on the loop for all updates.


When you approve the wireframe, we kicstart the full-fledged web development process. Our developers love this phase.

Testing And Optimization

Once we develop your solution, we consistently test it for performance, compatibility, scalability and more and validate UI and experiences. We consistently optimize it for the best performance.

Live And Deployment

When you wave the green flag after your internal validations, we help launch your website or solution and take it live in the market.

Post Launch
Post Launch Services

We constantly keep an eye out for your solution’s performance and user feedback and roll out appropriate patches and upgrades.

Industries We Serve

Web development is not restricted to one particular industry. Functional and seamless websites and solutions are in demand in every other market segment and industry. That’s why our portfolio boasts of projects across verticals like:


1.How do we select the required mobile app development platform for the project?

The best parameter to decide the mobile app development platform for the project is mostly derived by finding the target audience, user expectations, budgetary requirements and to have a detailed dialogue with one of our expert app advisors.

2.How much does it cost to build a mobile application?

3.Do I get the ownership of the developed application?


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