Product Engineering

Planning a software product? Work with our team of product experts, UX designers, and Business Analysts to build a market-ready product! Leverage our years of software development experience to gain that business edge.



We approach the project by understanding your business vision and the market you’re trying to cater to. Our business teams thoroughly discuss your POV and project objectives to help your ideas take a tangible form.

Our Approach phase consists of

Idea Validation we explore the idea from various perspectives to validate its efficacy and relevancy for the given use case.

Market Research we check the existing takers for the idea, the demand, and the economics surrounding the product.

Customer Research we study the target audience for the idea and how their interests, behaviors, and preferences match up to the real-life implementation.


Once the initial idea has been refined, we move one step forward towards analyzing it for feasibility. We do this by using business analysis techniques that bring out the key features of the product.

Our Approach phase consists of

Risk Analysis investigation and mitigation plan for existing project risks before kick-off.

Business Intelligence use business intel for calculating the feasibility and setting baselines for the development phase.

SWOT Analysis ticking off the four quadrants of initial business analysis to have a proper perspective regarding the product.



With the expectation settled and baselines solidified, we move towards adapting our process towards the product requirements. In this phase, we self-organize our teams to meet the project resource needs.

Our Adapt phase consists of

SOW Definitions We define the State of Work with clear communication with our clients in order to smoothly transition the idea into execution.

Project Plan We adapt our project strategy into a well-formulated plan that can absorb product needs and resource capabilities.


The actualization process is kick-started with the project plan being approved by the client. We mobilize our teams for starting the product development phase guided by Agile methodologies.

Our Actualize phase consists of

Iterative Product Development Step-by-step development of software components with active client collaboration.

Sprint Planning dividing the product into planned sprints for smooth execution of each branch of the project.

PoC Completion finishing up the Proof of Concept for the project in order to meet the client’s expectations fruitfully.



The project’s final form is beginning to take shape and we’re moving into the phase where we assemble the product for delivery. We test the product for efficacy, usability, and performance for ensuring a high-quality outcome.

Our Assemble phase consists of

QA Process the project enters the QA process wherein it is tested for defects, bugs, and performance improvements.

Readying for Roll-out the identified issues are resolved with a UAT sign-off so that the project can be moved towards the production environment


The product is ready to be taken live or signed off for a beta release into the market. The final roll-out process is executed with production server setup and the project is ready for the launchpad.

Our Ascend phase consists of

Roll-out Technical Sign-off settling SLAs, live developer support, and DevOps setup is completed for the roll-out to be signed-off by the client.

Project Release the project is released for end-user validation in the form of an initial beta version or controlled live release.



With the project making strides in the market, it’s time to amplify its impact with marketing strategies and constant updates. We serve the client’s post-release requirements for project amplification.

Product Marketing marketing efforts are undertaken to make the product a hit in the target audience with the focus being on expanding the product’s market.

Performance Enhancements we use a customer feedback and analysis loop to resolve initial product challenges and heighten the product performance.

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